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“TOGETHER IN DANCE” FORUMAT FLATO MARKHAM THEATRE: Conversations and concrete actions about engagement through dance in a diverse community Presented by Flato Markham Theatre in partnership with CPAMO Supported by the City of Markham and TixHub. October 14th, 2012 – Flato Markham Theatre, Markham Civic Centre

Flato Markham Theatre implemented a new dance series with the 2010-11Season.  This world-class series included Canadian and international companies and has also been part of Markham Theatre Discovery, the theatre umbrella providing educational/outreach programs. For the 2011-12 season, the theatre joined the group of select presenters as part of the Ontario Dances initiative and supported by the Ontario Arts Council. This enriched the dance program of the Theatre with Ontario based dance companies as part of the program mix and expanding the outreach portfolio.

At the conclusion of the 2011-12 season, the theatre management reflected on its various dance programs and initiatives and, based on this, it discovered that the Dance community is vibrant in Markham with each sector doing great work and that the Markham region has a growing and rich community of diverse dance ensembles and schools, representing the area’s demographic trends.

However, since much of this work is in silos, this forum was held to build future success for dance in Markham and address the key question on how to engage with the various dance sectors in the region with the goal of a cohesive and comprehensive plan in making the discipline more vibrant, increasing participation and grow audiences. In this context, the goals of this gathering were to:

1. Bring people together and engage a conversation between the various sectors; 2. Better understand the needs of the various sectors of the dance community vs. theatre programs and services; and 3. Identify opportunities to Increase community engagement and build a vibrant audience for dance in the Markham Region.

This gathering received presentations by several active in the field of dance as artists, presenters and educators, including Emily Cheung, Artistic Director of Little Pear Garden Theatre Collective; Vivine Scarlett, Artistic Director of Dance Immersion; Menaka Thakkar, Artistic Director of Menaka Thakker Dance; and Soraya Peerbaye, former Dance Officer for the Toronto Arts Council now working on a dance mapping project in Markham.

Report: “Together in Dance” Forum: Extended Notation and Summary

Dance Forum Presentation:

Dance Forum Presentation – October 2012

Each One Teach Dance_Fogartyppt

For more information:

CPAMO newsletter issue # 17

CPAMO newsletter issue # 16

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