How To Get Involved

CPAMO is always open to new interests and people and/or organizations that want to get involved in its work. There are several ways this can happen:

a. Apply as a member. CPAMO membership is always open and there is no charge. Most of CPAMO members are Indigenous and racialized artists. However, some members are supporters of these artists. To become a member, simply write us and ask how you can join. We’ll get back to you;

b. Express interest as a presenter. CPAMO encourages presenters – venue operators, publishers, galleries – to become involved in our sessions. We believe that presenters are a critical part of the arts ecology and want to assist making connections between presenters and artists and engaging both in dialogue related to pluralism in the arts and how to advance it;

c. Be on our list-serve. There are many individuals and organizations who are interested in what CPAMO is doing and wish to receive updates, newsletters and other materials CPAMO disseminates.

All of the above receive CPAMO updates and publications regularly. The CPAMO newsletter comes out every other month and we publish the information shared at our events.Invitation to events are ongoing. Click here to join our list-serve!

CPAMO members are also able to use our website to promote their activities. As well, CPAMO members take part in surveys and Roundtable meetings (usually three per year) to give input into CPAMO’s activities.

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