Services and Training

Services, Organizational Reviews, Strategic Planning, Education and Training

At CPAMO we believe in transforming the arts sector by helping organizations build their everyday operations, policies, human resources practices and community engagement. We provide training and education in the following areas: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), anti-racism, anti-black racism, Critical Response Process (CRP), equity and employment, human resources (hiring, retention, etc), micro-aggressions (Sublte Acts of Exclusion) and community engagement focusing on IBPOC (indigenous, black, and people of colour) and other marginalized communities.  We also conduct anti-racism and equity organizational reviews and strategic planning.

Education and Training

While each session is tailored to the specific needs of the organization, CPAMO assists organizations in the areas of outreach/marketing/promotion and community engagement, understanding the history and contemporary expression of Indigenous and racialized artists, organizational development and change, and development of specific initiatives.

CPAMO has delivered professional development and training to many organizations including: SOCAN, National Ballet of Canada, TAPA, Choral Canada, Westben Centre for Connection and Creativity Through Music, Dusk Dances, Kaeja d’Dance, York University Dance Program, McMaster Museum of Art. 

Research, Equity Reviews and Reports

CPAMO has worked with and prepared reports for SOCANLuminato, Peggy Baker Dance, Fall for Dance North. The reports take account the organization’s specific needs and may include, environmental scan, policy reviews, interviews, focus groups facilitations and recommendations. 

If your organization or group is interested in specific educational opportunities, environmental scans or research and reports feel free to contact CPAMO to discuss. To make our services accessible we offer sliding scale fees for small to large scale organizations and groups.