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As part of CPAMO’s ongoing commitment to discuss and showcase works of art by Indigneous, racialized and historically marginalized artists, we’re raising funds!!!

CPAMO has invited such artists in theatre (Modern Times, Aluna, Cahoots, Native Earth Performing Arts), in music (Small World Music and Polyphonic Ground), in dance (Sampradaya Dance Creations, Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, Collective of Black Artists, dance Immersion)  and many individual Indigenous and racialized artists, to participate in the Pluralism and Aesthetics Gathering. These artists engage Indigenous, racialized, queer and intersectional communities as well as those interested in arts practices coming from these communities.

We call it ‘the gathering’ as we believe this allows those attending to bring themselves to our events and explore issues related to the arts practices of Indigenous, racialized and other marginalized artists in a non-hierarchical space.  A simple title that exemplifies our values of pluralism in which every participant is important and has a contribution to make that should, and will, be heard.

People holding hands and standing in a circle in the middle of the road

What we need and what you get

The Pluralism and Aesthetics Gathering is a series of artists’ talks and performance showcases highlighting Indigenous, racialized and other marginalized groups’ arts practices.  These are open forums aimed at educating artists, arts administrators, curators/programmers, agents and the public about the vibrant arts practices emerging from those communities engaged as panelists and/or performers. This gathering – Pluralism and Aesthetics – will help to define and raise the importance of arts practices based on values and traditions made contemporary and shaping the arts scene of today and tomorrow.

This is a unique opportunity for you to contribute to an event that showcases a broad range of artistic practices. The funds we receive will be to support payments to artists and speakers who are part of CPAMO’s gathering on Pluralism and Aesthetics.

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Requests for Participation

Pluralism in Arts Practice: Contemporary Intersections

Requests for Participation

THE GATHERING has been a very powerful, positive and supportive process geared towards sharing strategies in the engagement of indigenous, racialized, deaf, disabled and mad, women and other historically-marginalized artists and communities since it was initiated by CPAMO in the spring of 2016. Given the convening’s success, The GATHERING | Pluralism in Arts Practices: Contemporary Intersections will explore frameworks for understanding contemporary expressions of indigenous, racialized, disabled and other marginalized identified art making and it’s intersections.  Held over two days, featuring showcase performances, visual arts, and plenary sessions aimed at building organizational and artistic capacity, with the hope of enlivening community conversation in the arts.

What is the overall concept? 
The Gathering offers an interactive space where arts organizations, artists and attendees dedicated to advancing pluralism in the arts can share dialogue on common purposes and strategies.

Why are we doing it? 
We believe systemic change is more effectively achieved through collective, creative action, and seek to learn from everyone to understand how contemporary intersections in artistic practice shape divers Canadian cultural expressions.

What we hope to achieve? 
We hope that everyone arrives at a better understanding of the many ways in which we support, create from and with an understanding of multiple sources as indigenous / ethno-racially identified artists leading to a heightened awareness of arts practices working in a pluralist lens.

When and Where?
May 30-31, 2018
Toronto, ON (venue TBA)

March 12, 2018

 What we offer:

  • Opportunity to display/showcase your work to a wide range of artists/ audience
  • Publicity and a copy of the performance (no more than 20 minutes in length)
  • Visual Arts pieces will be on display for a maximum of 1 week
  • Compensation for performances up to $1,000 (based on number of artists)
  • Compensation for visual artists will be based on CARFAC/RAAV Fee Schedule

Application Requirements:

  • A brief explanation of how it relates to contemporary intersections in art-making
  • Artist/organization biography (150 words)
  • Links to previous work(s)
  • Headshot/company logo (300 dpi)
  • Website URL and social media information

How to Apply:

  • By email to
  • Your email should include “The Gathering: Pluralism in Arts Practice RFP” in the subject line and have a link to your folder with the required application items.
  • Documents MUST be submitted over email via online platform e.g. Google Drive, Box, One Drive, Dropbox or similar service.
  • CPAMO operates in a cloud based platform – all submission must be by email using an online platform.
  • Deadline: March 12, 2018

Selection process: 
Administered by the Board of CPAMO, the Program Manager under guidance of the Executive Director, and CPAMO Pluralism in Organizational Change (CPAMOPOC) members, the selection committee will consider the following:

  • Artistic Merit and with overall connection to CPAMO’s mandate and objectives
  • The Focus of the theme of the convening  “Contemporary Intersections in the Arts”
  • Feasibility (cost, number of artists proposed, range / breath / depth of work in the artistic form)

Successful applicants will be informed in early April 2018.

PlayME Monologues

Presented by Playwrights Guild of Canada

PlayME Mono zooms in on one monologue of the playwright’s choice to uncover the inspiration, the character’s intentions, and some surprising subtext. Interviews will be recorded and later aired on the PlayME Podcast as part of the PlayME Monologue Series – PlayME Mono.

PlayME has more than half-a-million listeners in 80 countries and has been rated as one of the Top 20 Performing Arts Podcasts in the world!

PlayME Monologues – Live Interview with d’bi young 
Join us on March 6th for a live interview with triple Dora Award winning playwright d’bi young as she dives into her monodrama, Mami Wata. Audiences will listen to a recording of d’bi young performing a monologue from the play and will then be present for the live interview about that monologue.

PlayME Monologues – Live Interview with Keith Barker
Join us on April 23rd for a live interview with Native Earth Performing Arts Artistic Director, Keith Barker, as he takes us on a journey through Liset’s compelling monologue in This is How We Got HereAudiences will listen to a recording of the monologue and will then be present for the live interview about that monologue.