Equity, Anti-Racism and Pluralism Conference for Youth Theatres is Nov. 9-11!

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All Together Now: Creating Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Canadian Theatre for Young Audiences, November 9-11, 2021 via Zoom. Beneath the text 20 abstract figures in different colours holding hands, figures look like drawn with pencils.

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A National Conference on Anti-Racism and Pluralism
in Theatre for Young Audiences

November 9-11, 2021 via Zoom  

ASSITEJ Canada in collaboration with Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario are excited to announce a national Equity, Anti-Racism and Pluralism Conference in Theatre for Young Audiences on November 9-11, 2021 via Zoom. 

The three day conference will feature panel presentations and workshops to engage artists, arts administrators and the broader artistic community in meaningful discussion, best practices and knowledge sharing on how to work with and reach IBPOC artists and communities. This conference will assist organizations to:

1) Develop Organizational Leadership/personal responsibility
2) Engage diverse arts practices/communities
3) Create programming with increased understanding/engagement of IBPOC communities
4) Diversifying membership/audience by increasing participant
5) Enabling Participants to Diversify Staff, Board and Volunteers
Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming weeks!

A collaboration between: logos of ASSITEJ Canada and Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario
With funding from Canadian Heritage.

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Tous ensemble maintenant : créer l’équité, la diversité et l’inclusion dans le théâtre canadien pour le jeune public. Du 9 au 11 novembre

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Une conférence nationale sur l’antiracisme et le pluralisme dans le théâtre jeune public

Du 9 au 11 novembre 2021 sur Zoom

ASSITEJ Canada, en collaboration avec Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario, a le plaisir d’annoncer la création d’une conférence nationale sur l’antiracisme et le pluralisme dans le théâtre jeune public, du 9 au 11 novembre 2021, sur Zoom.

Ces trois jours de conférence, comprendront des tables rondes et des ateliers destinés aux artistes, aux travailleurs culturels et à l’ensemble de la communauté artistique dans le secteur du théâtre pour l’enfance et la jeunesse. La conférence permettra d’engager des discussions constructives et de partager des connaissances sur la meilleure façon de s’engager avec les personnes des communautés autochtones, noires et de couleur.

Cette conférence aidera les organisations à :

  • Développer un leadership organisationnel diversifié
  • Développer la responsabilité personnelle dans le leadership
  • S’engager auprès de communautés et de pratiques artistiques diverses
  • Mieux comprendre les communautés autochtones, noires et de couleur.
  • Augmenter les échanges et l’engagement avec les communautés autochtones, noires et de couleur.
  • Développer et diversifier les membrariat / le public
  • Aider les organisations à diversifier leur personnel, leur conseil d’administration et leurs bénévoles


Restez à l’affût des informations supplémentaires à venir dans les prochaines semaines !

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Avec le soutien de Patrimoine canadien


Don’t let this virus also kill our art


Help IBPOC artists—and their art—survive the pandemic. 

89% of Torontonians believe that the arts make life in Toronto better.

95% of Ontarians believe that the success of Canadian artists generates national pride.

Yet, despite its value, artists make very little money. At $24,300, the median annual income for artists is well below the poverty line (1). Arts and culture workers have one of the highest rates of poverty of any sector. Things are starker still for IBPOC artists — their median income is 28% less than white artists’(2).

Before the pandemic, the arts sector had already been gutted by budget cuts. Ontario cut funding to the Ontario Arts Council by $10 million (3). A $5 million Indigenous Culture Fund was cancelled. The Ontario Music Fund? A $8 million cut. All in 2019 alone.
And then, in 2020, came the unkindest cut of all. COVID-19.

COVID-19 ravaged IBPOC communities. Our most vulnerable communities, always the most exposed to any threat, have been devastated by the pandemic.

But, in the heart of darkness, IBPOC artistic talent has burned brightly and brought us light. Throughout the pandemic, IBPOC artists — and the artistic community as a whole — made art that lifted us, gave us strength and sustained our spirits.

At the same time, the pandemic has been an unmitigated catastrophe for the arts sector. 2/3rds of arts & culture organizations reported a median revenue decline of 50% (4). Many IBPOC artists lost income as in person shows, exhibitions and other opportunities were cancelled — 12,000 performances were cancelled in Toronto alone (5).

Despite this the arts community kept working. And that’s no surprise. Artists work longer hours than the average full-time Canadian worker (6).

What work did they do? 

They performed outdoors for seniors locked-in, in long-term care facilities. They staged porch concerts and backyard shows for their neighbours. They sang arias from their balconies for front line workers. They took their poetry readings online and made them available for free. They led dance classes and acting studios and paint-alongs, live, on Instagram and Facebook and YouTube.

They did it for free.
They did it for us.

CPAMO has been working for more than a decade to recognize IBPOC and other marginalized artists. Not only do we advocate for the creation of opportunities and equity for them, we engage them ourselves. IBPOC artists and arts administrators are paid to showcase their art and join our panels at The Gathering, our signature event (or, if you want to be formal, The Gathering Divergence Multi-Arts Festival and Conference).

Contribute today!

Who have we showcased over the years? 

Modern Times, Aluna, Cahoots, Native Earth Performing Arts in theatre.
In music, Small World Music and Polyphonic Ground.
In dance, Sampradaya Dance Creations, Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, Collective of Black Artists, Dance Immersion, and many individual Indigenous and racialized artists.

The artists and arts practices presenters we engage come from Indigenous, racialized, queer and intersectional communities.

Our next Gathering will take place in December 2021 and our theme is Art in a Time of Healing. The Gathering’s Art in a Time of Healing is envisioned as a way to gather, diverge with diversity and intersect on the many aspects of the performing arts and the Arts sector. Through panels, workshops, exhibitions and showcases it encourages divergence across arts practices, collaboration, art making and Anti-Black racism.

We need financial support to help us keep spotlighting works of art by Indigenous, racialized and historically marginalized artists. We need your help.

Your donation will pay IBPOC artists and arts administrators who present at our December 2021 Gathering. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to an event that showcases a broad range of artistic practices. Black organizations receive as little as 7 cents for every $100 donated to Canada’s big charities. Let’s work together to change that.

We will recognize every donation with a token of our appreciation.

Tier 1. $1 to $99: a personalized shout-out on CPAMO social media channels* and a bookmark and pin in the mail!

Tier 2. $100 to $499: everything in Tier1 plus a choice of a book OR a t-shirt in the mail.

Tier 3. $500 or more: everything in Tier 1 plus  a choice of a Portrait Commission from artist Ilene Sova OR an original art print by artist Astrid Ho. Available to the first 2 donations only.

* unless you choose to contribute anonymously


Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO) is a IBPOC-led movement of Indigenous and racialized artists engaged in empowering the arts communities of Ontario. CPAMO seeks to open opportunities for Indigenous and racialized professionals and organizations to build capacity through access and working relationships with cultural institutions across Ontario that will result in constructive relationships with Indigenous and racialized professionals and organizations. This is a unique opportunity for you to contribute to events that showcase a wide array of diverse voices in a broad range of artistic mediums. For more information: www.cpamo.org

Contribute today!


1. https://canadacouncil.ca/research/research-library/2019/03/a-statistical-profile-of-artists-in-canada-in-2016

2. https://www.torontofoundation.ca/fallout-report-arts-culture-and-recreation/

3. https://globalnews.ca/news/5354794/doug-ford-cuts/

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6. https://www.cbc.ca/arts/artists-are-getting-us-through-covid-19-never-question-their-value-again-1.5519840 
Art Stats report revealed that Toronto-based artists work an average 51.4 hours a week, which is more than the average full-time Canadian worker.

Call for CPAMOPOC Chorot 4 participants!

Office with brick walls and a table with chairs, on the right text, says Call for CPAMOPOC Chorot 4 participants!  Deadline: November 30, 2021

Call for CPAMOPOC Chorot 4 participants! 

CPAMO’s Pluralism and Organizational Change (CPAMOPOC) 4th cohort will start in Winter 2022! This project, consistent with CPAMO’s values, promotes a transformation in arts practices, and demonstrates the importance of inclusive arts practices in a rapidly shifting arts eco-system.  Indigenous and racialized artists and arts organizations, presenters (which includes here theatres, publishers, galleries, producers) – need to connect more directly with each other and form trusting and nurturing relationships that support emerging and established arts practices and artists.

About the program:
This program assists organizations to transform and incorporate equity and pluralism into their everyday operation and the broader arts sector. Participating organizations will be meeting once a month for a full-day session or twice a month for half-day sessions over one and a half years. These sessions range from presentations by participating organizations to engage with each other using the Critical Response Process (CRP) to educational training by guest speakers. The participating organizations will engage in sessions on: (1) organizational leadership and personal responsibility; (2) community engagement; (3) program planning; (4) conflict resolution; (5) mentoring and employment equity. 

Past participants include Theatre Ontario, Canadian Dance Assembly, CARFAC Ontario, Ontario Culture Days, The National Ballet of Canada, National Ballet School, and North York Arts Council. For more information: https://cpamo.org/equity-education-in-the-arts/

The program starts in Winter 2022 and lasts for a year and a half. Sessions are either once a month for a full-day session or twice a month for a half-day session. Sessions usually do not take place in July, August and December. 

Required commitment: 
– Staff member/s are required to attend all meetings, additional staff/board/volunteers are encouraged to attend when available.
– This program is Pay What You Can Basis to enable organizations of all sizes and budgets to participate. 

Due to Covid19 this cohort may be online via Zoom. If public safety guidelines will change CPAMO will explore returning to in-person sessions. 

Application and deadline: 

The deadline is November 30, 2021, however, organizations are encouraged to inquire as soon as possible. 

To learn more about CPAMOPOC and see if it’s the right program for your organization contact CPAMO’s Executive Director, charles c. smith at executive@cpamo.org