Call for Submission: The Gathering Spring 2020

THE GATHERING has been a powerful, positive and supportive convening of arts practitioners geared towards sharing strategies in the engagement of indigenous, racialized, deaf, disabled and mad, women and other historically-marginalized artists and communities. Since it was initiated by CPAMO in Spring 2016, the Gathering has offered an interactive space where arts organizations, artists and attendees dedicated to advancing performance, advocacy and pluralism can share, discuss common interests and strategize towards a better and more equitably inclusive sector.

The Gathering Spring 2020 | Exploring Anti-Black Racism in the Arts / Performance and Thinking Digitally: Integrative Strategies for IBPOC Arts Practice swill in partnership with the City of Toronto’s Anti -Black Racism Unit and Nia Centre for the Arts, host the Major’s Roundtable on the Arts focussing on anti-black racism in the Arts and explore frameworks for understanding the potential of working with digital technologies in IBPOC arts practices.

Held over three days, the convening will feature panel discussions, showcase performances, focus groups and networking opportunities for arts organizations, artists and arts sector professionals asking the same questions about anti-black racism in the arts, digital technology, its intersections with one’s artistic / organizational practices all grounded within the EDIP (Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity towards Pluralism) lens. The sessions will be aimed at investigating systemic challenges, providing professional development while building organizational and artistic capacity. We aspire to enlivening the many ways in which the arts will support cultural impact, civic engagement and deeper understanding of emerging digital frameworks.
What is the overall concept?

Why are we doing it?
We believe systemic change is more effectively achieved through collective, creative action, and seek to create, support and learn through open source resources, toolkits and strategies to understand how we are influenced, relate to anti-black racism and digital technology in and out of our artistic practices and administrations.

What we hope to achieve? We hope that everyone arrives at a better understanding of the many ways in which we support, create from and within the Arts sector as indigenous / ethno-racially identified artists with a pluralist lens.

Deadline: March 6, 2020

When & where is the event?
Early – Mid May 2020 (dates to be confirmed)

Location: TBC (Toronto, ON)

What we offer:

•  Opportunity to display/showcase your work to a wide range of artists/ audience, publicity, copy of the performance. (No more than 20 minutes in length)

•  Compensation Range:

  1. Dance / Theatre Showcase Honorariums $300 – $1000 (based on the number of artists)
  2. Literary Readings up to $200
  3. Visual Artists fees will be based on CARFAC Standards (types of exhibition curated)

Required for consideration:

•  Brief explanation of how your proposed work relates to ONE OR BOTH of the Gathering’s Theme:

  1. Anti-Black Racism in the Arts
  2. Thinking Digitally: Integrative Strategies in IBPOC Performance

•  Works where the major contributors / artists or otherwise self-identify as Black or IPOC

•  Works created by Black / IBPOC artists and Organizations

•  Artist / Organization Website URL, Social Media Info, Biography (150 words)

•  Headshot / Company Image 300 dpi

•  Links to previous work(s) or work proposed.

•  Visual Arts submissions MUST include:

  1. set up requirements
  2. estimated time for set up and striking of work
  3. whether assistance is needed or included

Selection Process: 
Administered by a Selection Committee (CPAMO Board member(s), Program Manager, Executive Director, and Pluralism in Organizational Change (CPAMOPOC) members. The committee will consider the following:
1.    Artistic Merit and with overall connection to CPAMO’s mandate and objectives
2.    The Focus on the Gathering’s themes
3.    Viability (overall programming cost, # of artists proposed, range / breath / depth of the submission)

What should I put in the submission subject line?
“Submission:The Gathering Spring 2020: Anti-Black Racism / Digital Strategies”
Please make sure to also include a link to your folder with required support material.

An important notice: CPAMO operates in a Cloud-based platform. Documents MUST be submitted via (Google Drive, Box, One Drive, Dropbox etc.)

Where to send your submission?

Successful applicants will be notified Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Artists Legal Need Assessment Survey

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Exciting industry transformation is within reach.
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Completing the Survey in Support of the Formation of Canada’s First-Ever
National Network of Legal Clinics for the Arts

In an effort to develop an essential national network of federally funded legal services for artists across Canada, we are conducting an important Needs Assessment Survey. The results will give a fulsome picture of artists’ needs from coast-to-coast and will be presented to the Canada Council of the Arts in April 2020. Please complete the survey by February 21, 2020. Your responses will remain anonymous.

This survey will take approximately 15 – 20 minutes to complete and at its end you may elect to enter into an exclusive draw to win an iPad Mini!


There are currently five legal clinics for the arts across Canada who work tenaciously to fund their efforts and service their local artists. A National Network of Legal Clinics for the Arts will unify and coordinate better access to free legal resources, services and information, empowering artists nationwide.

In August 2019, representatives from the individual legal clinics for the arts met with the Canada Council for the Arts and Canadian Heritage to relay the very real legal needs of the arts sector across this country.

The Canada Council for the Arts committed to funding this Needs Assessment Survey for ASOs and artists, which – WITH YOUR HELP- will lead to the development of Canada’s first-ever National Network of Legal Clinics for the Arts.

Simply click on the link below, or cut and paste the entire URL into your browser to access the survey:

In order to provide the Canada Council with concrete data of artists’ needs, we need to ensure we connect with the full diversity of Canada’s artists from every region across the country. Please share this survey with organizations and artists OR please help us identify persons and organizations we may have missed by sending us an email.

Thank you for participating! Your input is extremely valuable in providing outstanding legal service to Canadian arts.

If you have any questions or would prefer to complete the survey by phone or on paper, please email us at, or

Une transformation sectorielle majeure est à portée de main.
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en participant à notre enquête à l’appui de la formation du tout premier
Réseau national des cliniques juridiques pour les artistes

Nous menons actuellement une importante enquête d’évaluation des besoins dans le but de développer un réseau national essentiel de services juridiques financés par le gouvernement fédéral pour les artistes à travers le Canada. Les résultats de cette enquête donneront un portrait complet des besoins des artistes aux quatre coins du pays et seront présentés au Conseil des arts du Canada en avril 2020. Veuillez remplir le questionnaire d’ici le 28 février 2020. Vos réponses resteront anonymes.

Le temps nécessaire pour remplir le questionnaire est d’environ 15 à 20 minutes et, une fois terminé, vous pourrez choisir de participer à un tirage exclusif pour courir la chance de gagner un iPad mini !

Contexte :

Il existe actuellement cinq cliniques juridiques pour les artistes au Canada qui travaillent d’arrache-pied pour financer leurs efforts et desservir leurs communautés locales d’artistes. Un réseau national de cliniques juridiques pour les arts permettrait d’unifier et de coordonner un meilleur accès gratuit aux ressources, aux services et aux renseignements juridiques, donnant ainsi plus de pouvoir aux artistes à la largeur du pays.

En août 2019, des représentantes et des représentants des différentes cliniques juridiques pour les arts se sont réunis avec le Conseil des arts du Canada et Patrimoine canadien pour relayer les besoins juridiques très réels du secteur culturel à travers le pays. 

Le Conseil des arts du Canada s’est engagé à financer la présente enquête d’évaluation des besoins des organismes de services aux arts et des artistes, qui – AVEC VOTRE AIDE – mènera à la création du tout premier réseau national de cliniques juridiques pour les arts au Canada.

Il vous suffit de suivre le lien suivant ou d’en copier-coller l’adresse complète dans votre navigateur afin d’accéder à l’enquête :

Afin de fournir au Conseil des arts du Canada des données concrètes sur les besoins des artistes, nous devons nous assurer de rejoindre toute la diversité des artistes canadiens dans toutes les régions du pays. Veuillez faire parvenir ce sondage aux organismes et aux artistes que nous avons peut-être manqués OU nous aider à les identifier en nous envoyant un courriel.

Nous vous remercions de votre participation ! Votre contribution est d’une valeur inestimable à la mise à disposition de services juridiques exceptionnels pour les membres du secteur culturel canadien.

Si vous avez des questions ou si vous préférez compléter le questionnaire par téléphone ou sur papier, veuillez nous rejoindre par courriel à, ou


Focus Groups: Anti-black Racism in the Arts

Wednesday, January 22, 2020 (2-4pm)
Thursday, January 23, 2020 

Regent Park Community Centre
402 Shuter St, Toronto, ON M5A 1X6

CPAMO is convening these focus groups in partnership with the City of Toronto’s Confronting Anti-Black Racism Unit (CABR) and the Nia Centre for the Arts.  The purpose of these focus groups is to explore the situation of Black artists and arts organizations in the City of Toronto.  This exploration will open up discussion on:

1. The scope and contributions of Black arts activities in Toronto
2. The challenges, obstacles, barriers Black artists/arts organizations face in Toronto
3. The current capacities and needs of Black artists/arts organizations
4. Strategies and actions needed to address anti-Black racism in the arts and to build a healthy Black arts communities in Toronto

As we’re aware, there are several challenges to Black arts practices in Toronto some of which may relate to funding inequities, lack of appreciation for Black arts practices and their inherent diversity, the homogenization of such artists/arts organizations within the ‘racialized’ groups category, and the ongoing societal challenges of Black presence in North American urban centres.

To address these and other related issues, CPAMO, CABR and the Nia Centre are working in partnership to prepare a discussion paper that will form the basis for the 2020 Toronto Mayor’s Roundtable on Anti-Black Racism which we aim to convene in early May 2020. Your participation in this focus group will be critical to shaping the issues addressed in this discussion paper and will presented along with preliminary research on Black artists/arts organizations in the U.S. and U.K. The discussion paper will also include recommendations on ways to move forward to address these issues.

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