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Unpacking Impact: Exploring Impact Measurement for Social Enterprises in Ontario
By Lisa Lalande, Joanne Cave & Rajesh Sankat

Addressing bias in non-profit organizations and charities
By Tana Turner (From Charity Village)

Art for Social Change | Canada

Artful Business: Using the Arts for Community Economic Development
By Rhonda Phillips

Art Museum Staff Demographic Survey
By The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Offensive Artwork Titles in Canadian Museums: What’s in a Name?
Canadian Art

Arts-based Community Development: Mapping the Terrain
By William Cleveland

Benefits of the Arts
By Createquity. on November 3, 2017

Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative (Literature Review)
By Bronwyn Mauldin, Susannah Laramee Kidd, PhD, Jesse Ruskin, PhD, with assistance from Matthew Agustin

Project Re•Vision: disability at the edges of representation
By Carla Ricea, Eliza Chandlerb, Elisabeth Harrisonc, Kirsty Liddiardd and Manuela Ferrarie

Diversity in Canada’s Arts Labour Force – An Analysis of 2001 Census Data
by Hill Strategies Research Inc.

Power Moves: Your essential philanthropy assessment guide for equity and justice

FUSING ARTS, CULTURE AND SOCIAL CHANGE: High Impact Strategies for Philanthropy By Holly Sidford

GIA Racial Equity – Statement of Purpose
Grantmakers in the Arts

Best Practices Guide for Conflict Resolution
Media Arts Network of Ontario (Researched and written by Sheila Wilmot)

Best Practices on Equity: A Guide For Members Of The Media Arts Network Of Ontario Media Arts Network of Ontario (prepared by charles c. smith)

A Better Practice Guide to Board Governance for Media Arts Organizations In Ontario Media Arts Network of Ontario

A Human Resources Better Practice Guide for Media Arts Organizations in Ontario
Media Arts Network of Ontario

Health Equity and Diversity Glossary

ICASC: Art for Social Change Policy Recommendations
International Center of Art for Social Change

Mobilizing Arts and Cultural Resources for Community Development (2nd Edition) Jessica Scheuerman

Pluralism in the Arts in Canada – A Change is Gonna Come
Compiled and edited by charles c. smith

Equity in the Arts: Opening the Doors for a Better Future (Keynote Address: Opening Gala – Prismatic Festival)

Creating Change through Arts, Culture, and Equitable Development: A Policy and Practice Primer
By Kalima Rose, Milly Hawk Daniel and Jeremy Liu

Sharing Diversity: National Approaches to Intercultural Dialogue in Europe
A Study for the European Commission

Systems Change with an Equity Lens Community Interventions that Shift Power and Center Race

The role of culture and the arts as a framework and tool for settlement
By Daniel Hiebert and Bronwyn Bragg

The New Cultural Politics of Difference
By Cornel West

Transforming Communities Through the Arts: A Study of Three Toronto Neighborhoods 
Toronto Arts Foundation. Written by Margo Charlton with Deborah Barndt, Katherine Dennis and Rosemary Donegan.

Vital Arts and Public Value. A Blueprint for 2014-2020
Ontario Arts Council