Call for Submissions: The Gathering Divergence – Spring 2023

Gathering Divergence Multi-Arts Festival / Conference Spring 2023
Call for Submissions: Performing Arts and Workshops

The Gathering Divergence Interdisciplinary Festival & Conference is a festival and conference with a specific focus on Indigenous, racialized, deaf, disabled and mad, women and other historically – marginalized arts communities. Held over 3 days, GDMAF/C features performances, literary readings, visual arts exhibition, panels, workshops and creative investigations from diverse practices.

Geared towards meaningful conversations, professional development, sharing strategies, it encourages divergence across arts practices and collaboration. This year’s theme for Gathering Divergence Multi-Arts Festival & Conference SPRING 2023 | Visioning Canada’s IBPOC Artistic Transformation: Implementing Future Strategies. 

We facilitate

  • an interactive space where arts organizations artists and attendees share
  • dedicated to advancing, visual arts and performing arts , while advocating  for  pluralism in the arts
  • dialogue on common interests, experienced and strategies towards a better more equitable and inclusive arts sector.

We believe
Systemic change is more effectively achieved through collective, creative action, and seeks to:

  • create, support and learn through open-source resources and toolkits
  • advance strategies to understand how we are influenced by issues of equity and digital technology in and out of
  • amplify the artistic practices and administration of IBPOC individuals

We aspire? We hope that everyone arrives at a better understanding of the many ways in which we support, create from and within the Arts sector as indigenous / ethno-racially identified artists with a pluralist lens.

APPLY NOW! Deadline: March 31, 2023

When is the festival and conference?
Week of May 15 – 19, 2023

Location: Online / In-Person events (with consideration of CV 19 safety guidelines)

What we offer:
Opportunity to display / showcase / facilitate a workshop or performance (performances should be NO more than fifteen  minutes in length)

Required for consideration:
– Explanation of how your proposed work relates to the Conference’s Themes:

  • Broadening capacities for IBPOC Arts makers
  • Implementing creative process for the future
  • Advancing Equity, Diversity and Inclusive Learning
  • critically understanding IBPOC Artists & Organizations and their work

– Works where contributors / artists or those self identify as IBPOC
– Works created by Black / IPOC artists and Organizations
– Artist / Organization Website URL, Social Media Info, Biography (150 words)
– Headshot / Company Image / Bio Image 300 dpi
– Links to previous work(s) or work proposed.

For Performances or  Workshop Proposals include:

  • Set up and installation requirements
  • Estimated time for set up and striking
  • Whether assistance is needed or included
  • 300 Word Explanation on how your work applies to the CPAMO Call for Submissions

Compensation Range varies:

– Dance / Theatre  / Music Honorariums between $500 – $1000
  (based on the number of artists)
– Literary Readings between $400 – $600
– Workshops $300 (1 hour maximum)
Selection Process: 
Administered by a Selection Committee including: CPAMO Board member(s), Program Manager, Executive Director, and Pluralism in Organizational Change (CPAMOPOC) members.

AN IMPORTANT NOTICE: CPAMO operates in a Cloud-based platform. Documents MUST be submitted via (Google Drive, Box, One Drive, Dropbox etc.) and the link should not require permission for the Selection Committee to view.

Submission Link:

Please make sure all submitted links are functional and include  accessible links to a headshot and your support materials. Personal links from your computer / laptop should not be sent. Please upload all required

QUESTIONS? Contact: Kevin A. Ormsby

Applicants will be notified by April 14, 2023