Montreal Reading by Loren Edizel


Reading by Loren Edizel in Montreal

Saturday December 3, 2011
5:30-7:30 pm


Argo Bookshop
1915 Ste. Catherine W



Loren Edizel

John arrives at the Montreal airport with an old suitcase in hand. We do not know where he is from, or who he is. He takes up work as a nightshift nurse and obsessively writes his reflections and impressions in a notebook that he carries with him at all times. By following his daily movements and intimate thoughts, and the connections he makes at work and on the street, we come to realize who this friendly immigrant really is. Set in the Montreal neighbourhood of Carré St Louis, the story unfolds through narrative connections that flow across city blocks, continents, and oceans, and meander in and out of the characters’ minds, revealing to us that even the loneliest and desperate of lives is rich, and connected in the most startling of ways.

A quintessentially Montreal novel, Adrift is also an unforgettable and brilliant evocation of the modern condition.

Praise for Loren Edizel’s The Ghosts of Smyrna:

“Loren Edizel does not shy from bringing forward an anti-war narrative. The novel . . . takes the scattering of one family and places it in a greater perspective thus enabling the reader to identify with the lives, dreams and sorrows of people from different cultures. Ghosts of Smyrna successfully manages to pour the innumerable sorrows, loves and lives that were left behind from the Fire of Izmir into the pool of literature with an empathetic and impartial approach. It deserves to be read.”

—Cumhuriet (Turkey)

Loren Edizel was born in Izmir, Turkey and has lived in Canada most of her life. Her novel, The Ghosts of Smyrna, was published in Turkey in 2008 by Senocak Yayinlari and her short story “The Conch” appeared (November 2009) in Turkish translation as part of an anthology entitled Izmir in Women’s Stories. The Imam’s Daughter was published in Montreal Serai. She has recently completed a collection of short stories under the title “the confession.” She currently lives in Toronto.

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