Holiday show fun and upcoming stuff!

The Story by Martha Ross
a Theatre Columbus Production
at the Evergreen Brickworks
from December 13th – 30th, 2011
tickets: $10 – $25

Outdoor winter theatre – explore the Evergreen Brick Works with Theatre Columbus. The award winning ensemble presents an unconventional telling of The Nativity.

The Story premiered at B.C’s Caravan Farm Theatre under the direction of Theatre Columbus’ Artistic Director Jennifer Brewin. This winter Ms. Brewin assembles a stellar team to present a re-imagined version for Toronto.

The Audience follows the action through the Evergreen Brick Works and adjacent parkland, where they meet shepherds, ruffians, weird wise men, roman soldiers, the angel Gabriel, King Herod, a choir, a confused young couple and a variety of surprised dog walkers.

The hour long walking show is entirely outdoors. For your convenience – Hot Chocolate for sale, heated washrooms, on site parking or take the free shuttle bus from Broadview Station. Suitable for ages five and up.

Since you’re on my list of friends you get access to amazing deals so here’s what I can offer:

To be booked through the Arts Box Office

50% OFF for friends and family. To reserve you or your guests can call the Arts Box Office at 416.504.7529 and quote “We three Kings” to receive this price point. This is an unlimited offer pending availability.

For those who are on a tight budget there I have a limited number of $5.00 Company Member Friend & Family tickets. If you’d like one of these just e-mail be back and I will set you up. Since there’s a limit I will just say that it’s first come first served.

Here’s a flyer for the show giving you more info! Or you can visit Theatre Columbus’ website.


Other People by Christopher Shinn
a Mutal Friends Co-op in Collaboration with Mercedes Grundy presentation
at The Young Centre for the Performing Arts
from January 18th – 28th, 2012

This is an Equity Co-op with a great group of artists who are taking on an incredible play about the nature of these characters lives in a modern age. Come and watch me put on my sexy moves on one of these amazing young actors with … mixed results. 🙂 I’m just warning you now. It’s not recommended for kids. 🙂

*(from the playwright’s website)

Three ambitious young New Yorkers struggle with sex and desire over Christmas in the East Village.

“Real lives, Other People suggests, are more confused, scattered, odd, lonely and droll than you would guess from musicals that sentimentalize poverty or from movies that romanticize violence or, indeed, from most other products of the American entertainment factory. Edgy, troubled characters, sharply realistic dialogue, and a distinctive milieu.” – Benedict Nightengale, Times of London

“Shinn wittily represents a hot-shot Manhattan arty world, where his gay men and straight woman in their mid-20s are trying to make it. The ‘it’ in question refers to love or success. Unfortunately nerves, narcissism and narcotics cloud their eyes and judgment. A cutting-edge comedy.” – Nicholas De Jongh, Evening Standard

“The secret of Shinn’s success is in the way he exploits the dramatic gap between what is said and what is left unsaid. Writing like this is rare.” – David Benedict, Independent

world premiere: Royal Court Theatre, 2000

for more information you can visit the developing website here.


The Neverending Story by Michael Ende
Adapted for the stage by David Craig
at Young Peoples’ Theatre
Produced by Roseneath Theatre
from Febraury 27th – March 17th, 2012
tickets: $10 – $20

A childhood classic comes to life in this stage adaptation! More info to come as the date arrives!

Bastian is a bullied boy who escapes his troubles by burying himself in books. His latest – impulsively stolen from an old bookshop – draws him into the most thrilling adventure of his life. Fantastica, the land of stories, is facing oblivion from an enemy known only as The Nothing. The Childlike Empress has chosen an unlikely hero, a boy of Bastian’s age named Atreyu, to shoulder the daunting task of saving their world. As the adventure unfolds, Bastian discovers that he needs to find the key to change both their worlds.

For more info visit Roseneath Theatre or Young People’s Theatre.