Introducing Red Sky’s new Associate Artist: Jacob Pratt



Red Sky welcomes Jacob Pratt to our incredible team as an Associate Artist. Red Sky’s Artistic Associate Program provides opportunities in performance, dance and theatre training, mentorship opportuni ties with the Artistic Director, touring and worldwide travel, and acts as a representative for the company through arts development revitalization projects, educational outreach initiatives, conferences, public speaking engagements and community events. Jacob will join Carlos Rivera as an Associate Artist at Red Sky.

About Jacob Pratt: He is Dakota/Salteaux from Cote First Nation. A business student at the First Nations University of Canada, he also creates curriculum for the University’s Dakota Language program. Jacob is a highly creative individual, and is an emerging actor, renowned Hoop and Men’s Traditional powwow dancer. He has performed across Canada, the United States and overseas. In addition to dancing, Jacob has played the traditional Native flute since he was 14-years-old. Recently, he released a first CD entitled Eagle Calls that won the 2011 Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards.

Jacob has made a significant contribution to First Nations youth across Canada and the USA. He is a motivational speaker covering topics such as: culture, language, youth empowerment and healthy living. He believes in leading by example, and seeks to inspire the unlimited potential of First Nations youth.

Past accomplishments include: research with the Amazon Conservation Team in the Brazilian Amazon, committee member of the National First Nations Environmental Contaminants Program, speaking at United Nations working groups, and performing at the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

founding artistic director: Sandra Laronde