Call for Submissions! Share your city’s success story and become the next Big Idea @ Cities of Migration!


Successful cities are led by innovative, forward-looking local governments that work hard to serve the best interests of the public, including new immigrants. These cities view inclusion and the diversity of the city as core values and assets in today’s global economy.

Local governments have significant capacity to use the authority and instruments of public office to integrate migrants and provide equal opportunities for all residents.

Cities of Migration wants to know more about what local governments around the world are doing to make immigrant integration a success. How can city services, policies and practices help build inclusive, resilient communities and contribute to a shared urban prosperity?

We invite you to share innovative, successful examples of immigrant integration practice that are led and delivered by local governments. Be the next Big Idea @ Cities of Migration.
Deadline for Entries: January 30, 2012

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What is a Municipal Practice?

Municipal integration practices include a wide range of policies, practices, services and programs related to core city services, human resource management, active citizenship and inclusion, local economic development and more

All good ideas in immigrant integration are practical, innovative, successful and transferable.

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