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Lingering Tide and Other Stories Latha Viswanathan
These poignant stories finely depict the lives of immigrants, through the themes of family adjustment, loss, and starting afresh in a new place.
Viswanathan’s prose is unfailingly vivid, tender and intelligent, full of sensual details and pungent insights.”
Margot Livesey
ISBN 9781894770880; Price: $12.95



Echoes From the Other Land Ava Homa
These haunting stories beautifully evoke the oppressive lives of modern women in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
“Homa’s characters give us a prismatic portrait of Iran that resists both internal tyrannies and Western demonization.”
Susan Holbrook
ISBN 9781894770811 Price: $12.95
Cycle of the Moon Uma Parameswaran
Using a deceptively simple and intimate style, Parameswaran explores the subtleties of love, marriage, sex, and family life in a changing Indian environment.
“With the complex issues it presents, the deep reflections it provokes and Parameswaran’s simple yet evocative writing style, A Cycle of the Moon is definitely worth reading.”
Maple Tree Literary Supplement
ISBN 9781894770798; Price: $12.95


Jewels and Other Stories  Dawn Promislow
This debut collection is populated by a wide and surprising range of unforgettable characters set against the landscape of 1970s South Africa
“the stories have a compression of description and a simplicity of narrative arc that can indeed be jewel-like in lucidity.”
The Globe & Mail
ISBN 9781894770781; Price: $12.95


The Chinese Knot Lien Chao
Emotionally charged short stories focusing on Chinese immigrants in Toronto’s multiracial neighbourhoods.
“Heartfelt and provocative, it opens the way for discussions on multicultural issues and racial stereotypes.”
carp(e) libris
ISBN 9781894770804  ; Price: $12.95



Of Hockey and Hijab  Sheema Khan
In these thoughtful essays, Sheema Khan—Canadian hockey mom and Harvard PhD—gives us her pointed insights on being a modern and liberal, yet practising, Muslim, especially in Canada.
“Takes the reader on a journey to explore many contemporary issues affecting Muslims in Canada and abroad. Khan’s book is a must read for all.”
Monia Mazigh, author of Hope and Despair
ISBN 9781894770828; Price: $12.95

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