Feb, 17, 2012 wind in the leaves performance

Fleurette Africaine

Friday, February 17, 2012 at 7:30 PM

 Lower Ossington Theatre
100A Ossington Ave.
Toronto,  M6J 2Z4

The performances in Fleurette Africaine share the struggles, despairs, joys, triumphs and visions of the characters portrayed; they also penetrate and expose personal struggles with family, intimacy and love. Multi-textured illustrative story is expressed through collaboratively diverse artistic mediums connecting individuals and communities in a multicultural, multiracial society; the global microcosm which is Toronto. The inter-disciplinary approach creates engagement at several intersections, visceral, sensual, emotional, intellectual and spiritual Altogether, Fleurette Africaine portrays complex, yet gripping, stories that expose the fulcrum of the life experiences of persons of African descent in Canada today and their connectedness to other peoples.

This event is part of TD’s Then and Now series, an inspiring and entertaining cultural showcase of one of Canada’s prominent communities.  The lineup of events includes films, concerts, exhibitions, and performances by a host of Canadian and international artists.  Visit www.td.com/thenandnow for more information.

On-line Registration: http://fleuretteafricainefebruary.eventbrite.com/