Asia, Asia Asia Awakens at the Toronto Art Expo


For years the Expo has hosted the best of fine art from Asia, a world of art far beyond our insular views comprising the leading edge of contemporary art in the world. There is no longer the Art Mecca in North America as countries like Japan, Korea and Indonesia have a sophisticated domestic consumer base that do not need any international substantiation. These modern works come out of an artistic and hybridized dialectic of over 50 years with primary influences from these countries’ art institutions combining classical western training with their unique traditions, that because of their inherent pictorial language and synaptic connections, provide a truly evolved insightful representation of an artistic view combined with one of the planet’s most aesthetic sensibilities, from art to architecture integrated with nature. This is unique in the world. The Expo is proud to present artists from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and for the first time by special Ministerial permit because of sanctions, works from Burma. Only at the Expo in Toronto will you find these quality works.Special Featured Artists:

From Japan: Midori Toda: Her style (Nihonga) employs pigments that she grinds from mineral and organic sources (e.g. abalone shells) – a popular medium in Japan . She will present several compounded screens, 6 feet high, under a series called Living Waters, an abstracted format. Midori has had many shows in the USA and Japan.

From China: Zheng Hui Lan who will present monumental works of ink on rice paper, 12 feet wide by 40 feet high and likewise on the horizontal. He will be conjoined with the Energy Gallery’s essay/installation on the Chinese railway workers in the 1800’s in Canada – a poignant commentary on those who never made it home, curated by David Cheung.

From Burma, Thailand and Vietnam, presented by the East Gallery the work of S.Moe Z. A striking composition of contrast and powerful imagery that illustrates our contention of the sophistication of art from this part of the world. The East Gallery who is dedicated to promoting artists from Asia and Southeast Asia is a pioneer in Toronto which lacks such a specialized gallery (such as in larger centres like New York or London), also exhibits work from Thailand and Vietnam – see:

Our opening night will feature the thrilling Dance And Drum tradition of Korea-Salmunori as presented by Jeng Yi, Toronto ‘s foremost artists of the genre led by Hong, Chul Wa who studied with Kim Duk Soo. Kim Duk Soo reinvigorated this form of music and dance in the last 40 years (Jeng Yi had audiences screaming and clapping with their energy raising performance) Kim Duk Soo has worked with Peter Gabriel in the world wide WOMAD festival.
Arigato Gozeimos, Hamasa Amida, Doitshey-Sishi

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