Jeng Yi Featured Performer for Opening Night April 19 @ Toronto Art Expo

The Expo has presented music and dance artists rarely seen by the “mainstream” in Toronto. We have had many, many letters of appreciation but perhaps witnessing audiences dancing in the aisles or clapping and shouting as the performers intensify and accelerate the rhythm is our greatest reward. It is this latter group we are proud to have again as guest performer at our opening night. They are Jeng Yi of the Salmunori tradition of Dance and Drum of Korea see and also on the Features Page of in the 4 minute video. They are famed for their Ribbon Dance, a technique of spinning long ribbons from their headdresses whilst playing the Four Instruments (Salmunori) of Drums, cymbal and gong in addition to dancing. The ribbon technique takes two years to learn and history tells of these drummers advancing into battle with glass shards on the ribbon ends. Jeng Yi is led by Chul Wa (Charles) Hong who has studied in Korea under the great Master Kim Duk Soo who like Sean O’Riarda did for Irish music, resurrected and advanced this art form of Salmunori for Korea. Master Kim has collaborated and performed at WOMAD with Peter Gabriel. You can also get a flavour of the evening that Jeng Yi will bring from Master Kim’s You Tube

Attendees will be thrilled at the “long ribbon” performance and come to an exuberant climax with the duelling gongs, this is where audiences have spontaneously broken into cheers and applause. To balance this will also be a sublime presentation of the Kayagum – a stringed zither like instrument by the most accomplished Kim, Joo Hyung.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience the high culture of this most sophisticated society –Korea.

You can at the Expo walk the floor with your glass of wine while viewing the most exciting work to have come to Toronto from around the world and of course purchase such a piece that resonates with your personal sensibility.

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