Ipsita Nova blast – Your Nova/Noam Invitation

INDP banner with name
Dear Anita,

Welcome to the Ipsita Nova Dance Projects e-blast.
It’s not a newsletter.  It’s not a diary.  It’s a snippet, a flash, a peek into what is simmering on the creative stove-top.

Nova Bhattacharya

(contemporary Bharatanatyam elegance)


Noam Gagnon

(physically punishing extremes)  

It may seem at first glance that these two artists come from completely different worlds – if not planets! 
So what on Earth are they doing in the studio together?

Here’s your chance for an exclusive look: 
Saturday April 14 at 3pm
Canada’s National Ballet School, 400 Jarvis Street, Toronto
Seating is limited so RSVP to hold your spot.

Special thanks to Canada’s National Ballet School for their support.
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Ipsita Nova Dance Projects gratefully acknowledges project funding from:

Canada Council    Toronto Arts Council  Ontario Arts Council

Metcalf Foundation

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