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Beyond Sangre Grande: Caribbean Writing Today
edited by Cyril Dabydeen

Beyond Sangre Grande brings together a contemporary selection of Caribbean fiction and poetry by authors living in Canada, the US, the UK, and the Caribbean itself. Fusing creole and other cultural streams from a changing world, these writers capture the cadences and rhythms of the Caribbean while admitting diverse influences to demonstrate the continuity and vitality of Caribbean writing today.



Anthology/ ISBN 978-1-894770-66-8/ Price: $28.95  $23.16/ 200 pp/ pb/




Jahaji: An Anthology of Indo-Caribbean Fiction
edited by Frank Birbalsingh

Indians have lived in the Caribbean for more than a hundred and sixty years, ever since they took to the ships to work on the sugar plantations. Jahaji (the term meaning “ship traveler”) brings together a representative selection of Indo-Caribbean fiction from three generations of writers. Together, the sixteen writers included here give us an imaginative depiction of the experiences of their people across a span of fifty years—the hopes, aspirations and frustrations of life in colonial Trinidad and Guyana, the post-independence tribulations of third-world citizens, and the quest for meaning and identity in the second migration to Canada, the United States, and Britain.

“. . . covers a range of prose styles, while thoroughly exploring issues and preoccupations relevant to the Indo-Caribbean experience.”
—Caribbean Beat Magazine

Anthology/ ISBN 978-0-920661-88-8/ Price: $21.95 $17.56 / pb/




An Island Is a World
Sam Selvon

A novel of a personal and intellectual quest in postwar Trinidad.
In the post-war Caribbean colony, as an earlier generation thinks of returning to India, Foster, a young man, goes to England and Rufus his brother leaves for the United States, each in search of himself and his world.
Combining his characteristic humour with a vivid sense of place, Selvon’s An Island is a World tells a moving story of personal and intellectual quest in our time.

“His evocative descriptions . . . his humourous affectionate portrayal of character and his subtle use of folklore . . . are evidence of a master yarn-spinner.”
 —The Globe and Mail

Novel/ ISBN 978-0-920661-34-5/ Price: $13.95 $11.16 / pb/




Return to Arcadia
H Nigel Thomas

When at 51, Joshua Éclair—victim of a pygmalianism gone awry—emerges from amnesia in a hospital in Montreal, he must explore what makes him want to erase his identity. This is the gripping story of a man’s search for sanity set in the fictional Caribbean Isabella Island and the various places Joshua has fled to: Montreal, New York, Tallahassee, London, Paris and Madrid.
This is a finely accomplished novel about a very modern predicament: the malformed dysfunctional identity in the global village.

“Thomas offers a fine story of forgiveness, self-actualization, and belonging.”
Montreal Review of Books

Novel/ ISBN 978-1-894770-38-5/ Price: $20.95 $16.76/ pb/




Redemption Rain
Jennifer Rahim

Redemption Rain invites the reader into its profound epiphanies through patient revisitation and introspection. Rahim’s voice weaves the explosive power of her lively Trinidadian Creole with the searching intensity of one given to appreciating memory’s redemptive light. This is a book about the necessary and the unexpected; about costly arrival in the sacred spaces of realization and recognition. Always the impulse is to praise. Hers is a voice that does not shrill but invests in the finer sensibilities of justice, beauty, love, and community to bring out her poetic truth.

“a tenderly perceptive yet penetratingly measured depiction of the contemplative’s path on which spirituality, history, culture, and ecology congregate in unambiguous communal celebration. . . Here then is a poetry that speaks directly to our sense of human belonging, our recognition of smallness within vastness, our experiential encounters with love and loss.”
—S Rose-Ann Walker, The University of Trinidad and Tobago


Poetry/ ISBN 978-1-894770-70-5/ Price: $17.95 $14.36 / pb/




Lantana Strangling Ixora
Sasenarine Persaud

This collection is as much about love as it is about origins and the process of estrangement. The lantana is a flower of South American origin, and the ixora of Asian origin. The lantana, a creeper that grows profusely, often engulfing other plants, provides a ready metaphor for the consciousness of the Americas overcoming that of India in the Americas. This collection ranges widely in its geographical and historical concerns. It displays a mastery over nuances of language, and is at once quirky and humorous as it continues an engagement with the theme of “place as muse.”

“Persaud’s elegant poems, though they linger heavily on loss, are quietly reassuring.”

Poetry/ ISBN 978-1-894770-72-9/ Price: $17.95 $14.36/ pb


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