May 17.Bring It. Asset Based Community Development – Tools and Techniques

Trend Watch for Nonprofits says:“ organizations will see more demand for their good work…(Village Vibes’ May 7, 2012) 

 We say: Bring it! 

Workshop in Asset Based Community Development in Toronto (II) .Learn the how-to’s of this bottom-up approach to facilitating and funding social change projects in our city. Thursday, May 17. More & to Register:


Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)  tools help you facilitate the bubbling-up of positive change from within communities themselves. 

If you are a Toronto change-maker interested in knowing the “how-to”s of the ABCD method, this session is for you. Featuring case commentary by local ABCD pioneer East Scarborough Storefront, learn the ABCD steps you can take to steward true community ownership, collaboration, resilience and resourcefulness.

In this 4-hour workshop, learn:

  •      How to Facilitate ABCD. The six steps for Toronto NGOs.
  •  How to do Appreciative Inquiry. AI is a participatory tool that maintains and renews energy for social change. AI keeps the team focus on appreciating and mobilizing individual and community talents, skills and assets,  rather than on problems, needs and energy-drains.

Yummy refreshments provided.

Asset Based Community Development

The ABCD method pays close attention to all the ways in which citizens creatively access, organize and mobilize assets – human, financial, social, physical and natural assets – to create economic opportunity, deal with injustice and halt environmental degradation, while strengthening community. With ABCD, community development processes are as important (and fun) as the results are sustainable.  


The Facilitator:  Racquel Smith has ten years of program management and consulting experience in community development  and the non-profit sector in Canada and abroad. A freelancer based at Toronto’s Centre for Social Innovation, she embraces Canada’s vanguard of social change innovators and innovations. Racquel has an MA in international development from the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, University of Kentucky.  She completed training in NGO organizational development at the renowned Coady International Institute.