Tuesday June 5: Making the Most of Your Email List @ CSI Spadina 5:30pm

Toronto Net Tuesday is back and this month we have our very own Eric Squair presenting an awesome workshop called "Making the Most of Your Email List". It is aimed at anyone who sends out email updates/newsletters and wants to get some ideas on how to do this more effectively.
Full Description:
Email newsletters should still be a key part of your online communications work.  A well-run email list strengthens your social media and website efforts to engage with your key audiences.  In this short workshop, we will look at two key ways to run an effective email list: growing your list and making sure people keep reading what you send them.

We will look at best practices for list growth and engagement, and examine some key steps you can take to make your email list a more powerful tool to support your work. This workshop is for anyone who would like to make sure their email list growth, content and strategy are the most effective they can be.


Tuesday June 5, 5:30pm
CSI Spadina – Alterna room (4th floor)

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