quick survey – important !

Please complete this important city survey and consider going to a public consultation.

* You do not need to be an artist or work in the cultural sector to respond to this survey. *

The city is looking for citizens to speak up about your personal experiences / perceptions.

Also, please consider sending this information to friends, families, people you know. Especially people living in greater area of Toronto,
outside of the downtown core.

The past decade has seen major public and private investment in larger anchor cultural facilities (Four Seasons Centre, ROM, AGO, National Ballet School, Telus Centre, etc.), but the upgrade and/or development of facilities for small and mid-size organizations and community cultural groups is a critical next step to ensure a vibrant cultural community. In particular, there is a need to develop and enhance cultural spaces in neighborhoods throughout the City to ensure that all Torontonians have access to spaces to learn, play, practice, and engage with arts and culture of all forms.


In the 2011 report, Creative Capital Gains: An Action Plan for Toronto, the City of Toronto identified its role in supplying “affordable, sustainable cultural space” for use by cultural industries, not-for-profit organizations and community groups.

This public consultation process is the city's way of making good on that commitment.

As a citizen of Toronto, you are entitled to a high quality of life that includes opportunities to enjoy music, art, dance, theatre, museums, galleries, books, and other cultural experiences. Participating in this survey will help ensure that throughout the city, people will have better access to arts and culture in the neighbourhoods – right where you live.

Please pass along to others.

Thank you !