CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: the 8 fest 2013

The 8 fest seeks your 8mm, Super-8, 9.5mm, or other small gauge film
projects (such as loops and installations) for our 2013 installment
next January.

Films can be:
– Experimental, animated, personal, handmade
– Diary and essay films, documentaries
– Live performance and music mixed with film
– Films from everyday culture – historical footage, home movies

The 8 fest exhibits all work on film. Works selected for the festival, therefore, must be finished on small-gauge film (8mm, Super-8, 9.5 mm). We also exhibit blow-ups to 16mm of films that have been finished on small-gauge (or unsplit 8mm pieces). We do not exhibit projects on video or digital.

The 8 fest uses professional small-gauge projection equipment including Elmo GS-1200 and ST-1200 models. Our technicians and programmers have many years experience specializing in small-gauge film formats and technology. The greatest care will be taken in handling, previewing, and projecting films.

Submission forms online at

DEADLINE: September 1, 2012

No Submission Fee
– First-time filmmakers, youth, & under-serviced communities welcome!
– Submissions can be sent either on film or on a preview copy in DVD, mini-DV, or VHS formats. (Exhibition on film only).
– Our New Works program is limited to work from the past 5 years, but we’re always curious to include older work in other programs. Please fell free to get in touch if you have older work you think we would be interested in.
– Please include film/project description, artist bio, and flexography.
– Artist fees (screening fees) paid to all selected films/projects.
– Application requires the film/project be available for exhibition in Toronto late-January 2013 – Sound on film, separate sound CD/cassette, and live performance/narration available. For separate sound please record the soundtrack so that it cues by starting Track 1 (or Side A) at first image.
– MP3 or other compressed audio (sound) files can be sent by e-mail
– Please note that the 8 fest will screen what is sent to us. The leader with the film will be removed, unless the leader it itself part of the film. The 8 fest’s projectionist assembles the accepted films into sequenced programmes, so applicants should make it clear where the projectionist can or should cut.
– Cueing instructions should be included and clearly stated.
– Audio cues can start sooner, for example before the first image, as long as the projectionist knows when to start the film!
– For installations or performances: Please include detailed technical requirements and any equipment needs. We have limited resources for non-projection equipment (e.g. lights, multiple mics, etc.) – the more information the better!

The 8 Fest Small-Gauge Film Festival
1-696 Bathurst Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2R3

Trinity Square Video
376-401 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8
Monday to Friday 10am-6pm

**Please send all original films/previews by a postal service with
electronic package tracking. U.S. and international submissions please
attach an accurate customs declaration, such as” Preview material for
film festival. No financial transaction.” Please do not send
submissions from the U.S. via UPS (United Parcel Service).

(T) 001 + 416-533-9468

The 8 fest is made possible through the generous support of The Canada Council for the Arts, The Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto arts Council as well as our sponsors and community partners.

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