C Magazine | Conversati​ons October 26-29 @ Art Toronto 2012

C Magazine | Conversations
Art Toronto 2012

Friday, October 26 to Monday, October 29
Daily at 3 pm in the Publications Lounge

C Magazine presents a series of intimate conversations between C Magazine Editor Amish Morrell and artists, curators, writers and collectors about national and regional artistic practices within a global context. Join us daily at 3pm in the Publications Lounge at Art Toronto Focus Asia 2012. 

Speakers List

October 26, Friday:

3:00 pm. Mark Titchner: Art in the Public Realm.

London UK based artist Mark Titchner makes text-based works that explore notions of belief, the self and authority. He is currently the Artist in Residence at the Art Gallery of Ontario and in 2006 was nominated for the Turner Prize.

3:20 pm. Rutherford Chang and Dave Dyment: On Re-Translating Popular Culture in Contemporary Video Art.

Rutherford Chang is an artist working in the United States and China.Dave Dyment is an artist and curator who lives in Toronto.

3:40 pm. Leah Modigliani and Liss Platt: Autobiography, Landscape, and the Legacy of Conceptual Art.

Leah Modigliani is an artist and critic who currently lives in Toronto.Liss Platt is a multi-media artist who lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario. She is represented by MKG127 in Toronto.

October 27, Saturday:

3:00 pm. Elle Flanders and Tamira Sawatzky with Rachel Anne Farquharson: The Social Politics of Architecture within Visual Art.

Filmmaker Elle Flanders and architect Tamira Sawatky have collaboratively produced film and photography installations including What Isn’t There (1992-2007), Road Movie (2009-10), and Road Shots (2012).Rachel Anne Farquharson is a Toronto-based essayist, curator and frequent contributor to C Magazine.

3:20 pm. Su-Ying Lee: Mobilizing Art and Audience outside the Gallery.Su-Ying Lee is a Toronto-based independent curator. In 2011-12 she was Curator in Residence at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery.

3:40 pm. TBA

October 28, Sunday:

3:00 pm. Emelie Chhangur and Cathie King-Jamieson: On producing The Awakening, by Humberto Velez with the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation and young Parkour artists at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Emelie Chhangur is Assistant Director/Curator at the Art Gallery of York University.Cathie King-Jamieson is a member of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation and a participant in The Awakening.

3:20 pm. Trevor Mahovsky and Dan Adler: Collected and Dispersed, Sculpture in the gallery and in Public Space.Trevor Mahovsky is a Toronto-based artist who produces sculpture and installation collaboratively with Rhonda Weppler.Dan Adler is an art critic and associate professor of modern art at York University.

3:40 pm. TBA

October 29, Monday:

3:00 pm Vesna Krstich: The Productivist Paradox – Re-modeling the Social and Educational Function of the Art Institution.Vesna Krstich is a Toronto-based art critic, independent curator and educator whose current research explores the interrelationship between pedagogy and participatory art.3:20 pm cheyanne turions: Conversation and the Production of Publics.cheyanne turions is a Toronto-based writer and curator. Currently, she is the Shop Manager/Curator at Art Metropole and the director of No Reading After the Internet (Toronto).

3:40 pm. TBA C Magazine | Conversations are held daily at 3 pm in the Publications Lounge at

ART TORONTO FOCUS ASIA 2012October 26-29, 2012

North Building, Exhibit Hall A & B
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