Effective Marketing and Sponsorship Strategies Workshop

Date: Thursday, 16 May 2013 | 4pm – 7pm

Location: Centre for Social Innovation, First floor
215 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON M5T

Cost: $10

Registration: www.sponsorship101.eventbrite.ca

Description: In building the relationships and capacities of our members, we are delving into a new series of workshops that will benefit our members and the general public. Will be teaming up with Business for the Arts and a private consultant to deliver our first workshop  which will focus on Effective Marketing / Sponsorship Strategies. As capacity building and overall development are key points in our focus this year, the workshop will be a 2 phase process into how we brand, market, seek sponsorship and initiate fundraising strategies. Have you ever been asked:

  • So tell me about your work?
  • Do you have a fundraising Strategy?
  • What is your total reach and which clientele do you serve?
  • Where in the city / province do most of your audience comes from?
  • Are you familiar or have considered corporate sponsorship?

If you could not answer clearly or hesitated on any two of these questions then do consider joining us. In our last workshop, we had a discussion on the changes to Arts funding and its impact on the artists. We reported also that the new artistic funding landscape would require that we seek other ways of supplemental funding of for our work. Effective Marketing / Sponsorship Strategies 101 can be a start.

Presentations by:

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Business for the Arts aims to strengthen arts and culture in Canada by connecting arts organizations to business patrons and volunteers through ourartsScene and boardLink programs; by stimulating investment in the arts through matching incentives and sponsorship training for arts organization withartsVest; by communicating the value of investing in the arts through advocacy and research via our Roundtables and Surveys; and by providing a platform for arts organizations to celebrate their outstanding business partners in the arts through our National Awards Gala and media partnerships.

Go fly a kite Suds

Sudarshan Jagannathan, or Suds, is an ordinary citizen of India and Canada, learning and sharing ideas, dreams and passion with people around. Professionally, Suds manages strategic sales and marketing functions across Canada for Travelport, a global travel technology provider. Prior to this, Suds has been in similar functions in Telecom and Finance,

after arriving in Canada in 2002. Suds is also part of Toronto’s little known secret, http://www.masadvise.ca/, a volunteer consulting group, where Suds focuses on Marketing, Sales, Fundraising and Branding initiatives. Latest rumor is that Suds is now transitioning over to the Social Development sector, continuing to daydream and importantly, execute. With so much time left, Suds plays cricket for the Toronto’s oldest cricket club and is learning how to sing. Suds is driven by the desire to illuminate within, share the light with the world and believes in the Gandhian doctrine – “It starts with one”.