Social Media – Making Sense of it All

Social Media – Making Sense of it All
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 | 5:00pm-7:00pm

Centre for Social Innovation, Think Tank Room
215 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON M5T

Though ever-present in our lives, Social media and its use in the everyday reality of the Arts is changing constantly. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed. It’s not just what you create, but how you engage, how and when you use, find meaning and also create meaning for others that will make your social media experience worthwhile for you and beneficial to your organization and artistic practice.

Cost: $15

* Please note: participants must bring with them laptops or tablets.

Workshop Outline

1. Understanding Social – The Big 6 and what they’re good for- (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest)

– The Social Media Battlefield: An Experiential Review Leading to the Creation of a bolder Social Strategy
– Getting clear about your social goals
– Designing your strategy for results
– Content marketing – why your story is important
– Sharing value – the importance of giving to receive
– Meaningful social – engagement & organic community building and measuring impact- listen & act accordingly

2. Integration – Aligning Social with your larger artistic vision & strategies for growth

3. Effective Management- free tools and resources in the Cloud

4. Optimizing your Pages for Lead Generation

5. Overview of the Social Customer & Sales Cycle

6. The case for paid media

7. Emerging Trends- a brief look at power of Location & mobile Social
– It is our intention that All Participants will leave with:
– An Understanding of what Fully Functional Social Pages would be
– List of effective tools to help manage their social campaigns
– Outline of a Basic Social Media Plan with Content and Audience
– Engagement Strategy
– Basic Competitor Analysis
– A more confident, focused and strategic approach to social media
– Marketing that will yield real results


Lucy HamletLucy Hamlet is CEO and VP of Business Development at the Black Chick Group. The Company provides consulting services and resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners in a variety of arenas including Social Media, Event Management & Production, Business Start-up & Development and Community Empowerment. Prior to the Black Chick Group, Lucy was the founder and president of Ysis Entertainment Inc. an international live theatre and event Production Company for 7 years.


Black Chick Media (the Social Media Agency of the Black Chick Group) hasprovided social media services to businesses and events over the past 4 years. Lucy considers herself a student of social media having recognized the dynamic pace and nature of theindustry. In recent months Lucy created the AMPLIFY Your BRAND! series of seminars designed to help late adopters confidently jump onto the Social Media/Social Web playing field. Lucy’s singular focus in designing the AMPLIFY Your BRAND! Seminar Series is to help participants understand the science and power of Social Media and the innumerable tools available on the Social Web to facilitate their business, personal and professional growth and success.
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