Neruda Arts Presents Kultrun – Nov 14-17

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Kultrun Indigenous & World Music Festival

Neruda Arts Presents


november 14-17

Get ready for an exciting weekend of distinctive performances by leading Indigenous and world music artists! Kultrún will consist of 4 concerts per evening starting at 6pm in the Conrad Centre, moving to the Walper Hotel Oak Room and ending at the Ren@41 where you can stay on to get social, dance and celebrate with other festival fans after the last performance.

This is just a sample of the artists you will see at Kultrún!

Neruda Arts’ Indigenous and World Music Festival, Kultrún (pronounced cool-troon), represents a long held dream of Artistic Director, Isabel Cisterna, to present a world music festival that recognizes the contribution of Indigenous and First Nations artists. Isabel named the festival after the first peoples of her native Chile.

For the Mapuche people of Chile, a Kultrún is not simply a drum – conceptually it represents their beliefs and vision of the universe. Within this vision lies the diversity of the seasons, the cardinal points and the fraternity and fertility of all living things. Kultrún is the heartbeat of life embodied in the sound and rhythm of the drum.

The heartbeat in Neruda Arts’ festival – all the amazing contemporary First Nations and world music artists we are bringing to KW. And some equally exceptional FREE events such as workshops, a symposium, noon hour mini-concerts, a poetry slam and a Family Day concert!

Surprised by our free events and how affordable Kultrún tickets and passes are? A big part of Neruda Arts’ mandate is to present high caliber contemporary artists at a price that average adults and youth can afford. With the help of our granters, sponsors, volunteers and you, our audience, we make culture happen in KW because We Are Culture!

I look forward to seeing you at one or more of the excellent performances at Kultrún!

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