Call for papers: Art and Freedom of Expression

Seismopolite Journal of Art and Politics issue 8 will shed light on how different artistic forms and strategies may advance freedom of expression and be used to confront censorship in contexts worldwide.

Contributors from diverse disciplinary backgrounds are invited to submit articles, reviews or interviews that address this theme through a high variety of possible angles and art forms.

Topics may include (but are not restricted to):
– Artistic strategies in response to censorship and violations of human rights in contexts worldwide.
– Art as a tool of dialogue and conflict resolution.
– The conditions of artists to reflect and influence their local political situation through art.
– Art’s potential to promote cultural diversity, intercultural cooperation and understanding.
– The political conditions of artistic expression under neoliberalism and neoliberal urbanization.
– Artistic strategies of decolonization.
– Artistic strategies to challenge geopolitical, economic, cultural or historical master narratives.
– The emergence of new art scenes and regions in contemporary art; its consequences for art and politics and for the possibility of art scenes to rewrite the contemporary art map/ the concept of contemporary art.

We accept submissions continuously, but to make sure you are considered for the upcoming issue, please send your proposal/ draft, CV and samples of earlier work to within November 16, 2014.

Completed work will be due November 26, 2014. All articles will be translated into Norwegian and published in a bilingual version.

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