Job Posting: Tajik Decorative Art Carvers at Ismaili Centre, Toronto

Tajik Decorative Art Carvers

Ismaili Centre, Toronto  

Designed by renowned architect Charles Correa, the Ismaili Centre, Toronto will be the newest addition to a network of Ismaili Centres worldwide, and will be the second in Canada after the Ismaili Centre, Burnaby which opened in 1985. The Centres are representational buildings for the Ismaili Muslim community, and will include a place of prayer, library and spaces for cultural activities. The Centre will host an active series of programming to engage a variety of stakeholders in dialogue, learning, and community-building.

A number of decorative design elements and display of artworks have been planned as part of the interior design not only to embellish interior spaces but also to increase the visibility of the cultural pluralism of Islam through visual art. Tajik art represents the confluence of three formative cultural influences namely Persian, Hellenistic and Islam. Modern artists blend all three strains in unique styles that express themselves exuberantly in the design and decoration of many buildings and have become a beloved cultural symbol.

Position Description:

The carvers would be required to create and implement original decorative carvings similar to those that adorn monuments of architecture in Tajikistan while respecting the architecture of the Ismaili Centre, Toronto. The carvings may be implemented in stone, plaster or wood, characteristic of the ornamentation in the form of flowers, plants, geometric and other intricate decorative patterns.

Country: Canada

City: Toronto, ON

Duration: Short Term – July 14, 2015 to December 31, 2015

Qualifications and Competencies

  1. Able to start as of July 14, 2015.
  2. At least ten years of experience in Tajik decorative arts.
  3. Provide examples of prior artworks and installations for review.
  4. Experience in working with several media including plaster, stone and wood.


Applications should be received no later than 5pm EST 3 July 2015. Thank you for your interest in this position. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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