KasheDance and COBA workshop

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE: Monday, October 5, 2015  | 12:30pm – 5:30pm

Location: COBA | 585 Dundas St E, Suite 130 |Toronto, ON M5A 2B7

Photo of KevinKasheDance and COBA have been in dialogue about collaborative initiatives since COBA acquired its space at the Daniel’s Spectrum and KasheDance has been using the space for its rehearsals.  To participate in and provide information on these explorations in strategic partnerships, both companies have much to offer to Indigenous and ethno-racial arts organizations.  COBA is an older organization, KasheDance an emerging one, and the potential of their exploration of mutual collaborative support goes beyond the urgency of the need and originates in the continuity and sustainability of ethno-racial arts organizations in Canada by documenting sectoral developments already working and having conversations on possible collaborative models.

FCharmaine_Headleyor COBA this means further solidifying the organization’s sustainability; for KasheDance, it means providing aide in its growth. Further, KasheDance’s Artistic Director is passionate about creating toolkits for use by others and this process offers the potential for collaborative exploration that would be beneficialto a
ll CPAMO’s members and other Indigenous, ethno-racial and marginalized arts organizations.

There will be one full day workshop offered by the Artistic Director of KasheDance and the co-Artistic Director of COBA.

These will focus on:

  • the explorations both organizations are navigating regarding shared use of spacewhere COBA would provide space to KasheDance which in exchange would help by volunteering at COBA events or sharing the artistic expertise of the dancers over the year;
  • KasheDance’s offer of an Artistic Associate as a teacher in COBA’s dance training program in exchange for office space/studio space. Hours worked would/could be used in COBA’s facility in the form of Studio space or Office Hot desk since KasheDance has no physical space for its small operations and this would be a resource that could benefit it’s organizational development.

The workshop will illustrate the importance of the ways in which negotiating between peers to arrive to at mutually benefiting results. Both presenters will be exploring though various methods and practices how to arrive at assessing the need and methods to fruitful collaborations.


  • Building a Case for your collaboration
  • Learning how to assess your needs in collaboration
  • Learning about creating mutual agreements / contracts for collaborations
  • Acquiring knowledge of collaborative practices
  • Applying a Story based model of collaboration for marketing / grants

Fee: $20 Regular | $15 Underemployed | $10 Student
Registration: http://2015-16-cpamo-workshops.eventbrite.ca