Building Collaborative Practices Workshop: Collaboration in Practice Scenarios and Tools towards Meaningful Engagements

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Flato Markham Theatre Workshop: Collaboration in Practice Scenarios and Tools towards Meaningful Engagements

Thursday, February 4, 2016 | 12:30pm-5:00pm
CSI Spadina, Alterna Savings Meeting Room
215 Spadina Avenue, Toronto ON
The full day session will provide transferable approaches to:
1) Negotiating and building reciprocal relationships
2) Understanding Artistic program development, promotion and education
3) Considering Outreach and community engagement in pitches

Markham region like Toronto has a growing and rich community of diverse dance ensembles and schools, representing the area’s demographic trends; however much of this work happens silos. Flato Markham Theatre in its 2011-12 season partnered with CPAMO and local arts organizations to discuss the various dance initiatives and programs in Markham.

Flato Markham Theatre has booked a number of CPAMO Roundtable members such as Little Pear Garden Collective, Sampradaya Dance Creations and Menaka Thakker Dance and understands the importance of collaboratively shaping Arts Programming.

Cultural institutions and organizations are challenged to think about how to engage with the various Arts practices along a common goal geared towards a cohesive and comprehensive plan in making the Arts more vibrant, with increasing participation and growing audiences.

The General Manager of Flato Markham Theatre, Eric Lariviere, has acted strategically and has invited CPAMO in 2013 to host forum aimed at building future success for dance in Markham and address the key questions around engagement and diverse arts presentations.

The increasing diversity of performances in Markham is a result of Flato Markham Theatre’s acknowledgement of how collaborations can lead to meaningful engagements with various outreach, public education and community engagement activities at it’s core.

Fee: $20 Regular | $15 Underemployed | $10 Student
We would like to thank our funders, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council, for their support.