Jesus Mora’s exhibition “Cosmovision Maya” at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.

North York Arts Celebrates Mayan Heritage with Guggenheim Fellow Jesus Mora

This September, Jesus Mora exhibits Cosmovision Maya at the Toronto Centre for
the Arts . Presented by North York Arts , a fellowship from The John Simon
Guggenheim Memorial Foundation and a grant from the Ontario Arts Council , Mora’s
series of painting explore the teaches of Mayan cosmology he has learned from Martolo
Alvarez , a K’iche’ elder of the community.

Using the ancient t exts of the Pop Wuj, a series of paintings were created using Mayan
iconography. Mora writes: “The subjects of my work have a life cycle of their own, within
which are contained reality, fantasy, the microscopic world and the universe. This
represents a constant conversation between ourselves and our surroundings not only in the
material world but also in the subconscious one.”

“North York Arts is thrilled to present Jesus Mora’s work for the first time in Canada” said
North York Arts Executive Director, Lila Karim . “We are so glad that we can celebrate
Mayan heritage and artistry in North York. Our partnership champions diverse arts outside
of the downtown core of Toronto.”

Mora’s Cosmovision Maya is now on exhibition in the Lower Gallery, Toronto Centre for
the Arts , on 5040 Yonge Street from September 8th to the 28th .
Gallery hours are 1:00pm – 4: 30pm.

A reception will be held on Mexican Independence Day, September 15th, from 5:30 -7:30pm.

Mora will also participate in an Aztec dance workshop at the new Lee Lifeson Art Park on
October 2nd, 2016 . Join us for a day of music, dance and art that celebrates the best of
North York and the City of Toronto!

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