Generator accepting submissions for Artist Producer Training & Resident Companies

Generator welcomes artists, collectives, non-profits and charities working across the performing arts to submit. We invite submissions from artistically and culturally diverse performing arts individuals and companies who want to participate and collaborate with Generator.


Deadline:  Thursday, May 4 @ 12pm

If you are an independent producer, self-producing artist or an artist who wants to learn how to make art happen more efficiently, Generator’s one-year paid Artist Producer Training program is for you.

Over three semesters of coursework led by prominent seasoned independent artists and companies, followed by one practicum project with a mentor company, participants will learn effective producing strategies.

Graduates will create and implement projects and budgets that have the goal of paying a better wage to artists, gain skills to sustain a career in the arts, and improve the overall health of the performing arts ecology.

Current Artist Producer Training cohortCurrent APT class (left to right): Ishai Buchbinder, Chiamaka G. Ugwu, Emma Westray, Kristina Lemieux (ED), Christopher Manousos, Brian Postalian, Mamito Kukwikila, Michelle Langille. Not pictured: Ruthie Luff, Maddie Bautista.

Click here for more info about the Artist Producer Training Program.



  • A link to a MAXIMUM 3-minute YouTube video answering the following questions:
    • What skills do you have that make you a good producer?
    • Why do you want to take on a producing role?
    • Do you currently self-identify as a producer or artist-producer? (There is no correct answer to this question.)
  • A short, written response telling us about your personal philosophy as a producer or artist-producer  (1 page max)
  • CV/Resume (2 page max) including contact info for 2 references
  • One letter of reference (may be same as reference listed on resume)

Complete submissions should be sent in one email to with the subject line APT Submission by no later than Thursday, May 4 @ 12pm


  • It is an intimate program with only 8 participants. Attendance is mandatory
  • Classes run for three 6-week sessions October-April on Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:30pm, with assignment work outside of class.
  • Practicum schedules vary but are outside of class time and occur sometime from March-August.
  • Interviews for select candidates will be held in the evenings of May 29 & 30, 2017. 


Generator provides office space, equipment and mentorship to independent theatre companies over one year of growth or change.
NEW THIS YEAR: Individuals, collectives and non-incorporated groups may apply for a residency at Generator.

Being in residence at Generator means 24-hour access to office and meeting space including mentorship, wifi, photocopier and printing, and auditing classes in the Artist Producer Training Program.
192 Spandina

This residency promotes capacity building, peer-mentorship and knowledge-sharing among companies and with other artists the organization supports.

Resident Companies as give back to the community at Generator by:

  • Teaching 1-3 classes as part of the Artist Producer Training program
  • Contributing approximately 5 hours to resource generation for (launching soon)
  • Attending events and socials held by Generator

We are seeking applications for two models of residency:

1st Generation Resident Companies:

Deadline:  Thursday, May 4 @ 12pm

Starting in September 2017 and ending in August 2018, your company will work from the Generator space at no cost. Additionally each company receives one week of rehearsal space through a partnership with Artscape. In the spring, Annual Resident Companies work collaboratively on a project to solve or address a mutual issue that Generator can share with the community.

To qualify, companies should have a body of work (or the artists and producers behind a new company should have a track record). These companies should not have grown to the extent that they are now receiving operating or core funding from an arts council. It is a residency for project-based organizations looking to improve or change how they operate.


  • A brief written introduction (2 pages max) to your company including:
  • Its mandate or style, previous productions
  • Company or project members
  • Critical path for the next year
  • A working link to a MAXIMUM 3-minute YouTube video answering the following questions:
    • How would you use GENERATOR and what can we offer you?
    • What would you do to increase the capacity of your company?
    • What is unique about your company that you could teach to other artists, producers or companies?

Complete submissions should be sent in one email to with the subject line Resident Company Submission by no later than Thursday, May 4 @ 12pm noon.

Resident Company Collaborators:

Deadline:  Anytime

NEW THIS SPRING: We are seeking individuals and companies that want to join Generator as Collaborators. We have three options to suit different project/budget needs:

  • Hot Desk –$180/month.  Access to a spot to work at the office 24 hours a day. Limited storage space is also available. (minimum commitment 4 months)
  • Dedicated Desk – $300/month.  A dedicated desk in the office and storage space available. (minimum commitment 1 year)
  • Mirror Room – $650/month.  Private office, complete with a set of sexy sliding door mirrors. Suitable for 2-3 team members. (minimum commitment 1 year)

Please email with information about yourself and/or your company and why you would like to collaborate with Generator.


On January 15, 2017, Generator and the Toronto Fringe Festival hosted an #UrgentExchange on the topic of: THE WHITE GUY SHUFFLE: Changing Hiring Practices in Canadian Theatre. We invited the community to respond to discussion with brief writings.
Read their responses and add your own at #UrgentExchange.