Visual Representation: The Problematic Nature of the Gaze for IBPOC Visual Artists session is on Sep. 24

The importance of visual representation of IBPOC artists and organizations has been amplified by the recent events occurring in our world. Articles have surfaced about the problematic of a  Euro-centric gaze and interpretation of visual Arts for IBPOC identified persons.   

What are some of these experiences? How do we begin to shift perspectives, invite multiplicity of approaches and representation into Visual Arts? How can the invitation and representation of the works of IBPOC artists also be amplified in gallery settings in Canada?

We hope you can join us. It is our intent to offer further a space for networking with artists and organizations, asking the same questions about IBPOC visibility, inclusion and their intersections with artistic/organizational practices while speaking to many perspectives in the arts and the changing demographics of audiences and participation within the Arts sector.

– Karen Carter
– Diane Montreuil
– Julius Poncelet Manapul
– Akshata Naik
– Michael Chambers
– Vero Diaz
Moderated by: Alana Traficante 

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