Save the date: The Gathering Fall 2020

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The Gathering Fall 2020
Exploring Anti-Black Racism in the Arts and Thinking Digitally: Integrative Strategies for IBPOC Arts Practices

December 9 – December 11, 2020
Via Zoom 

City of Toronto, Arts Organizations and IBPOC Artists Convene To Address Anti- Black Racism in the Arts and Integrative Digital Strategies in Arts Practices

(TORONTO, ON – November 11, 2020) A daring move for Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO) during both a pandemic and also the resurgence of conversations, protests and activism of systemic racism. CPAMO announces The Gathering (Fall 2020). This convening pulls together from across the world and the Canadian arts sector a wide range of artists, organizations asking the same questions about anti-black racism in the arts, digital technology, its intersections with one’s artistic / organizational practices all grounded within the EDIP (Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity towards Pluralism) lens to animate a digital conference experience reflective of the time.

A varied offering over 3 days, The Gathering Fall 2020 will feature performances, literary readings, online visual arts exhibition and creative investigations from a diverse set of practices rooted in the Canadian Black Diaspora. The Major’s Roundtable on the Arts focussing on Anti-Black Racism in the Arts along with other sessions will address systemic challenges, sectoral change and frameworks for understanding digital technologies specific to Black / POC arts practices. Complimenting the Mayor’s Roundtable, 4 Keynote Presentations and 5 plenary sessions will focus on the following:


  • Addressing Harassment, Discrimination and Erasure of Black Arts Presence
  • Building Cultural Spaces Reflective of the African Canadian Diaspora
  • Exploring the Documenting / Mapping of Black Artists / Arts Practices and Spaces
  • Organizing Sectoral Change and Nurturing Communities Of Practice


  • Digital Organizational Change: Thinking \ Creating Strategy Models for Arts Organizations
  • CPAMO Digital Strategy First Phase Executive Summary and Second Phase Learning Group

The Gathering Fall 2020 | Exploring Anti-Black Racism in the Arts and Thinking Digitally: Integrative Strategies for IBPOC Arts Practices in partnership with the City of Toronto’s Anti -Black Racism Unit and Nia Centre for the Arts, is aimed at providing professional development, organizational and artistic capacity development with many perspectives on the arts while celebrating the contributions of Black artists / organization to the cultural sector. A platform for exploring frameworks and strategies focused on improving the livelihood of IBPOC artists in the sector, the Gathering has been a powerful, positive and supportive convening of arts practitioners. CPAMO’s programming is geared towards sharing strategies in the engagement of Indigenous, racialized, deaf, disabled and mad, women and other historically marginalized artists and communities.

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Kevin A. Ormsby,  Program Manager, CPAMO or (416) 899-9448

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