Schedule for for Equity, Anti-Racism and Pluralism Conference for Youth Theatres

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All Together Now: Creating Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Canadian Theatre for Young Audiences, November 9-11, 2021 via Zoom. Beneath the text 20 abstract figures in different colours holding hands, figures look like drawn with pencils.

A National Conference on Anti-Racism and Pluralism
in Theatre for Young Audiences

November 9-11, 2021 via Zoom  

ASSITEJ Canada in collaboration with Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario are excited to announce a national Equity, Anti-Racism and Pluralism Conference in Theatre for Young Audiences on November 9-11, 2021 via Zoom. 

The three day conference will feature panel presentations and workshops to engage artists, arts administrators and the broader artistic community in meaningful discussion, best practices and knowledge sharing on how to work with and reach IBPOC artists and communities. 


Tuesday, November 9
1pm ET – Opening of Conference & Keynote Address
3pm ET – Community Engagement

Wednesday, November 10
1pm ET – Organizational Leadership
3pm ET – Staffing and Conflict Resolution

Thursday, November 11
1pm ET – Programming
3pm ET – Audience Development and Conference Conclusion

Confirmed Panelists:

Accessibility: English and French simultaneous translation will be available.  


A collaboration between: logos of ASSITEJ Canada and Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario
With funding from Canadian Heritage.

logo of Canadian Heritage

Tous ensemble maintenant : créer l’équité, la diversité et l’inclusion dans le théâtre canadien pour le jeune public. Du 9 au 11 novembre

ASSITEJ Canada, en collaboration avec Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario  (Pluralisme culturel dans le milieu artistique en Ontario) est ravi d’annoncer une Conférence nationale sur l’équité, l’antiracisme et le pluralisme dans le théâtre pour le jeune public, du 9 au 11 novembre 2021, via Zoom.

D’une durée de trois jours, la conférence comprendra des présentations et des ateliers pour engager les artistes, les administrateurs dans le domaine des arts et la communauté artistique en général dans une discussion porteuse de sens, vers de meilleures pratiques et dans un partage des connaissances sur la façon d’atteindre les artistes autochtones, noir.e.s et de couleur (IBPOC) et de travailler avec eux et leurs communautés.


Mardi 9 novembre 2021
13 h HE – Ouverture de la conférence et message inaugural
15 h HE – Engagement communautaire

Mercredi 10 novembre 2021
13 h HE – Leadership organisationnel
15 h HE – Recrutement de personnel et résolution de conflits

Jeudi 11  novembre 2021
13h HE – Programmation
15h HE – Développement des publics et conclusion de la conférence

Panélistes confirmés:

Sehar Bhojani, directrice artistique associée, Theatre Direct

Traduction : une traduction simultanée en anglais et en français sera disponible.


Une collaboration entre 

Avec le soutien de Patrimoine canadien

Call for Submission: Gathering Divergence Fall 2021

The Gathering Divergence Multi-Arts Festival and Conference has been a powerful, positive and supportive convening of arts practitioners geared towards sharing strategies in the engagement of indigenous, racialized, deaf, disabled and mad, women and other historically – marginalized artists and communities. This year, Gathering Divergence Multi-Arts Festival & Conference Fall 2021 | Art in the Time of Healing: The Importance of IBPOC Arts in Planetary Renewal will explore the role of IBPOC artists and organizations in the time of healing and renewal as our society emerges and reopens from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Held over three days, the festival and conference will feature panel discussions, showcase performances, workshops and networking opportunities for arts organizations, artists and arts sector professionals asking the same questions about anti-black racism in the arts, digital technology, its intersections with one’s artistic / organizational practices all grounded within the EDIP (Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity towards Pluralism). The sessions will be aimed at investigating systemic challenges, providing professional development while building organizational and artistic capacity. We aspire to explore the many ways in which the arts and healing will support cultural impact, civic engagement and deeper understanding of emerging digital frameworks with a focus on planetary renewal.

What is the overall concept? 
Gathering  Divergence Multi – Arts Festival and Conference offers an interactive space where arts organizations, artists and attendees dedicated to advancing performance, advocacy and pluralism in the arts can share, dialogue on common interests, purposes and strategies towards a better more equitable and inclusive arts sector.

Why are we doing it?
We believe systemic change is more effectively achieved through collective, creative action, and seek to create, support and learn through open-source resources, toolkits and strategies to understand how we are influenced, relate to anti-black racism and digital technology in and out of our artistic practices and administrations.

What we hope to achieve?
We hope that everyone arrives at a better understanding of the many ways in which we support, create from and within the Arts sector as indigenous / ethno-racially identified artists with a pluralist lens.

Deadline: November 1, 2021 by 5pm

When & where is the event?
December 8-10, 2021

Location: Online / We may be able to offer a hybrid online and in-person events depending on public health guidelines.

What we offer:

•  Opportunity to display / showcase / facilitate a workshop to a wide range of artists/ audience, publicity, copy of performance. (No more than 15 minutes in length)

•  Visual Arts / Workshop RFP’s MUST include:

  1. Set up requirements 
  2. Estimated time for set up and striking of work
  3. Whether assistance is needed or included

•  Compensation Range:

  1. Dance / Theatre  / Music Honorariums $400 – $1000 (based on the number of artists)
  2. Literary Readings up to $300
  3.  Exhibition fees for Visual Artists will be based on CARFAC Standards 
  4. Workshops $250 (1 hour maximum, all disciplines)

Required for consideration:

•  Brief explanation of how your proposed work relates to ONE OR BOTH of the Conference’s Themes:  

  1. IBPOC Art supporting healing, the arts role in planetary renewal, art / healing / the environment 
  2. Workshops specific to the needs of the IBPOC Artists / Arts  Organizations and the Festival / Conference’s theme
  3. Digital Applications, Support and Thinking 

•  Works where the major contributors / artists or otherwise self-identify IBPOC

•  Works created by IBPOC artists and Organizations

•  Artist / Organization Website URL, Social Media Info

•  Biography (150 words)

•  Headshot / Company Image 300 dpi

•  Links to previous work(s) or work proposed. 

•  Visual Arts submissions MUST include:

  1. set up requirements 
  2. estimated time for set up and striking of work
  3. whether assistance is needed or included

Selection Process: 
Administered by a Selection Committee: CPAMO Board member(s), Program Manager, Executive Director, and Pluralism in Organizational Change (CPAMOPOC) members. The committee will consider the following:

  • Artistic Merit and with overall connection to CPAMO’s mandate and objectives
  • The Focus on the Gathering’s themes
  • Viability (overall programming cost, # of artists proposed, range / breath / depth of the submission)

What should I put in the submission subject line?
“Submission: The Gathering Divergence Fall 2021″
Please make sure to also include a link to your folder with the required support material.

An important notice: CPAMO operates in a Cloud-based platform. Documents MUST be submitted via (Google Drive, Box, One Drive, Dropbox etc.)

Where to send your submission?

Successful applicants will be notified by Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Join us on Oct. 1 for a special session on “How do we begin again?”

On the left: How do we begin again? Impact 21 conference. Online and free. Register and join the conversation September 29th – October 9th. Beneath the text there is an image with several dancers.  On the right logos of CPAMO, Art of Festivals and Mass Culture. Beneath it: Rethinking the application process/systems of support. Oct. 1st 2021. 11am-1pm, panel/ breakouts. 2pm-4pm conversation/exploration. At the bottom: Hosted and co-instigated by impact21. Performance info Eventbrite:

State of Emergence 
Rethinking the Application Process & Systems of Support
October 1, 2021 via Zoom

11:00 am – 12:00 pm | Panel & Breakout Groups
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Conversation/Exploration
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm | CPAMO Publication launch

New funding models need to include investing in artists and humans rather than investing primarily in constantly producing. As the diversity of artists’ presentation and processes increases, current funding models are still rooted in a colonial structural approach and favour presentation culture, revenue generation in the arts. Often successful and sometimes not, the application and funding models have become a game of the haves and the have not. It’s results impact both the wellbeing and validation of an artist’s creativity. Are there shifts required in the application process that can mitigate the challenges faced by many with the application process? Artists and organizations in Canada are faced with a historical dependency on grants. The competition for funding and the lack of investments into funding is suggesting a reformation of the application process. As we examine the idea of how we continue in our practices, funding structures need to be revised by the artists’ and organizations’ ideas and experiences at the center.

  • Ever wonder how a grant is developed, structured and priorities placed in them?
  • With the focus on digitization, should video components beyond support material be considered?
  • Should hybrid application processes be implemented? 
  • How can the process of applying, assessments and feedback support artists for the future imaginations of the application process?

In this session we will discuss accountability in funding organizations, developing relationships beyond titles and returning to a focus on storytelling rather than art for commodification and how we sustain such processes moving forward. The session encourages ideas around radical shifts rather than incremental change and seeks to explore challenges but also invitations to possible radical shifts through critical discourse to implementation. 


This session is part of Impact 21 Festival for full performance festival schedule:

The session is in partnership with Mass Culture and Art of Festival’s “State of Emergence“.