The Gathering Divergence Fall 2022

The Gathering Divergence
Multi-Arts Festival & Conference Fall 2022

Visioning Canada’s IBPOC Artistic Transformation:
Then and Now

Nov. 29, Nov. 30 and Dec. 2, 2022
In-person at Aki Studio (Toronto) and via Zoom 

The multi-Arts Festival and Conference; a positively impactful  and supportive convening in the Arts sector. The festival’s specific focus is on Indigenous, racialized, deaf, disabled and mad, women and other historically – marginalized artists’ communities.  Geared towards meaningful conversations, professional development and sharing strategies in the Arts, this year’s theme for Gathering Divergence Multi-Arts Festival & Conference Fall 2022 | Visioning Canada’s IBPOC Artistic Transformation: Then and Now.

The festival / conference focuses on varying topics within the Arts sector grounded in the transformative change through a cross-sectoral understanding of Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity.  A varied offering over 3 days, the  festival and conference will feature performances, literary readings, online visual arts exhibition and creative investigations from diverse practices. Panels, workshops, exhibitions and showcases encouraging divergence across arts practices, collaboration and professional development shaped within the sensibilities of art making and networking of IBPOC artists and organizations.

The schedule is available here!

Programs for each day available here: Program Day 1 | Program Day 2 | Program Day 3

General Admission: Tue. Nov 29 | 9:30am – 2:30pm | $10
Student/Accessibility Pricing: Tue. Nov 29 | 9:30am – 2:30pm | $5

General Admission: Wed. Nov 30 | 11:00am – 5:00pm | $10
Student/Accessibility Pricing: Wed. Nov 30 | 11:00am – 5:00pm | $5

Reception and Publication launch, General Admission: Wed. Nov 30 | 6pm – 8pm | $10
Reception and Publication launch, Accessibility Pricing: Wed. Nov 30 | 6pm – 8pm | $5

General Admission: Fri. Dec. 2 | 10:00am – 4:30pm | $10
Student/Accessibility Pricing: Fri. Dec. 2 | 10:00am – 4:30pm | $5

To register to attend in-person or over Zoom the day sessions: 

Attend online via Zoom:  Register on Eventbrite.

Attend in-person at Aki studio:
Location: Aki Studio
585 Dundas St E #250, Toronto, ON M5A 2B7

Covid protocols: People attending the event in peson need to follow Aki Studio’s vaccination and mask policy – please read before registration:

Register at Aki’s online box office (select [3] CPAMO on the left side menu).

To register to attend in-person or over Zoom the Reception and Publication launch:

To register to attend the Reception and publication launch click here, please note the Covid policy is different for the Reception and Publication launch, for more information click here.

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The Critical Response Process in Action: A webinar in celebration of the release of Critique Is Creative

Date: Friday, November 4, 2022 at 12:30 PM EDT

an image of 2 people, a man with eyeglasses and women. between them text that says 'The Critical Response Process in Action A webinar to celebrate the release of Critique Is Creative Liz Lerman John Borstel & others November 4th 12:30-2 PM ET weslpress.orgOver the course of 30 years, Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process (CRP) has transformed the practice of feedback in arts, education, and civic life. Both a structured method and a flexible set of principles, CRP  is now the focus of its first in-depth study in book form. Join us for this celebration of the release of Critique Is Creative: The Critical Response Process in Theory and Action to hear from co-authors Liz Lerman and John Borstel and some of 21 contributors to the book’s exploration of CRP and its applications. With samples from the book and lively conversation, the session will touch on such topics as: 

  • What do we mean by “good feedback” and how can it enhance creative process?
  • How do feedback principles like relationship-building, agency, and inquiry 
  • function in teaching and learning?
  • How can changes in the ways we give and get feedback impact current-day reckonings of equity, justice, and consent? 

To register:

Choir/Choruses/Singing Groups/Composers Survey: Strengths, Challenges and New Opportunities

This survey is part of a project designed to determine the major challenges choirs, choruses, singing groups and composers are currently facing, as well as to help identify what gaps there are in choir programming and governance. This survey will also provide some preliminary insight into what new opportunities are available and what toolkits are needed to help meet these challenges.

Choirs at all levels and composers across the country are seeing new opportunities in exploring the creation and use of new and shared digital content and resources. (This does NOT include unauthorized sharing of copyrighted material.)This survey and project will help inform decision making and provide strategic guidance to allow for a quick and successful transition to our “new normal”.

National and provincial choral organizations, artists, composers, schools, and various arts organizations across Canada will be invited to complete this survey which asks questions about “Digital Offerings”, in particular during COVID. Questions on topics such as: What digital tactics have been used? How have they been monetized, if at all? How and with whom have these been shared? Have they resulted in changes in audience connections? What financial and human resource barriers have you encountered?

There are new resources needed to increase the digital literacy of choral organizations. This could take the form of “toolkits” or a national database to help organize access to current and future content. The hope is that these resources will help leverage digital technologies to inform innovative programming, new ways of marketing and funding, and a transformation of audience engagement as they return to live performances. Your collaboration through the completion of this survey will greatly assist in helping the choral and other arts sectors towards understanding these goals.

Some questions are designed for singing organizations to answer and some are more generic and can be answered by both choirs and independent composers. Composers associated with singing organizations can of course answer all questions. Independent composers not associated with a specific organization will be directed to certain parts of the survey.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes of your time. As a token of appreciation for your time, after completing the survey you can enter into a draw to win one of the prizes:
– A gift certificate for $100 from Cypress Music Publishers
– A $50 gift certificate from Long and McQuade

Deadline: Wed. November 9, 2022

Complete the survey today!

If you have any questions, or if you experience any technical issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at: Victoria Glizer at or charles c. smith at

This project is supported with funding from the Canada Council for the Arts.

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