Creative news and views for March 21, 2012

Bright Spots and Organizational Change




Those of us trying to make sense of the Vancouver Playhouse’s abrupt closing on the eve of its 50th anniversary may find some answers in this WolfBrown post excerpt by Jane Culbert.




How do some organizations thrive in difficult times? Last year, the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation commissioned a study of a number of “bright spots” (“organizations that are achieving outstanding levels of success in one or more areas – artmaking, audience engagement, organizational development and capitalization”) to identify characteristics, perspectives, or behaviors that can potentially be replicated by others. Read more




Get Smart



Important upcoming learning opportunities:


Tuesday March 27, 9:30 – 1:30 at CSI 215 Spadina. PAEO Roundtable Sharing Best Practices/Learning From Each Other presented by Creative Trust and PAONE. An essential opportunity for arts leaders and educators to begin implementing recommendations of the Performing Arts Education Overview.


To RSVP: Send your name, job title, name of organization, and contact information (email and phone number) to by Friday, March 23.


Read more














Broadway Green Alliance alliance



Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with Charlie Deull (Co-Chair) and Rebekah Sale (Coordinator) of the Broadway Green Alliance. I learned a lot about how the Alliance works, shared information about Creative Trust’s Energy Conservation Audits Report – and began what I hope will be an ongoing collaboration and information exchange on greening theatres.




Broadway Green Alliance is an impressive and growing movement to save energy (and the planet) by the cumulative effect of millions of actions by theatre producers, touring companies, backstage hands, actors and more. BGA has discovered that it’s a definite win-win situation: the producers of Wicked are saving $25,000 a year through recharging onstage microphone batteries alone! 100% of Broadway marqu
ee lights are now LED, for a 75% reduction in electricity costs.  Read more




You open the door

Ottawa is beginning some exciting diversity initiatives spearheaded by Charles Smith of CPAMO (Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Ontario) – including, for those who remember it, a newcomer artist jam on April 16th reminiscent of TTA/TAPA’s old Loon Café.


I’ve recently been inspired by Adam Thurman’s passionate and provoking post in Mission Paradox about his own attitude to arts/diversity.




He says that the challenge to recognize and empower people of color, younger people and those with different ideas is the elephant in the room for the nonprofit arts sector – some of which has yet to embrace where the world is clearly going. Read more