It’s Time to Take a Stand


It’s Time to Take a Stand

On June 4th ONN is planning to black out its website with the following front page. The ONN Steering Committee feels that actions already taken and those further legislative actions proposed by our Federal Government curtail the nonprofit sector’s right to speak out and participate in shaping the Canada in which we live – for arts, sports, environment, health and organizations all across the sector. This affront to civil society requires us to take a stand and protect our ability to peacefully organize to make change. We will not be silenced.

ONN is speaking out and we encourage all those of you who can, to take similar action and blackout your website or take another action to speak up for our right to participate in the democratic process. Let’s stand with those among us in the sector who are under threat.

For how to get involved and how to temporarily cover your website visit and consult your web developer.