Call to TO Artists – G.O.Y.A. FestCall for submissions

G.O.Y.A. Fest is happening September 29th, 2012

This event is at an open air/garden. The Yoga garden retreat to be specific. Located near Wakefield QC
We are looking for Artists to submit for the opportunity to be a part of this Garden Of Yoga and Art event
We are looking for all types of Art, not Yoga art in particular.
The Yoga garden just happens to be a beautiful space to showcase creation.
This is an opportunity to sell your work, connect with other artists and have an amazing day in an amazing space!

Please submit via e-mail with images and or link to web site.

Musicians are also welcome to participate!

Plain text only please, no images. Links to your web site are fine.

Žaneta Pernicova
Professional Artist