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Join us at the backyard of the soon-to-end Gendai Workstation on July 12th for A Moveable Feast before Gendai evolves into a mobile organization later this summer. For this site-specific fundraiser we invite you to engage in playful modes of ‘investment’ in Gendai alongside the workers, artists, designers, architects, performers and writers who have embarked on this new trajectory with us. Come and be our guests as we serve sensibilities and speculations towards Gendai’s future through food, performances and good company!

“We exist in a world we don’t see. Everywhere we go we are immersed in a sea of life- bacteria, yeasts, spores, and pollen circulate around us looking for hospitable hosts to propagate. In the right context, this invisible world creates complex cultures that transform the mundane (water, milk, flour, leafy greens) into complex expressions of ingredients and their environment. To work with these microorganisms, we have to create the conditions for them to thrive and we have to be receptive to how they develop in a particular place. If this is done with care, the results are sublime. As a gallery, Gendai has pulled the unvisible into a small space on Bloor, drawing out the inherent potential in it, helping create new culture.  To reflect this work, and their rhizomatic movements to new locales, we will be preparing a meal that draws on traditions of fermentation as expressions of time and location. Kombucha, sourdough bread, nuka pickles, cheese, &c. p from various locations as well as ingredients hand-picked from close by will all be incorporated into a Japanese omakase menu of 12 courses accompanied by local sake and other fermented drinks. The meal will explore the spontaneous, collaborative and reciprocal relationships of places, objects & subjects to create a refined artistic work that references East Asia, thus embodying Gendai Gallery’s ongoing mandate.”

– Chef Nathan Isberg

Thursday July 12th, 2012
Arrival 7:30pm. Dinner 8pm.

Gendai Workstation, 1265 Bloor Street West (Bloor and Lansdowne)

$155/person; $310/romantic table for two (sold out).
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Ticket sales end on Wednesday July 11 at 8pm. Three romantic tables are sold out. Book your seats now!

Mitchell Akiyama (Server)
Anne Ehrlich (ArchitectureDJ-in-Residence)
Isaac Flagg (Guest Builder)
Marilyn Jung (Mistress of Ceremonies)
Yam Lau (Server)
Chris Lee (Graphic Hype Man)
CN Tower Liquidation (the Leaky Deck)
Stu Sakai (Server, Gendai-Nukazuke)
Jonathan Wong (ArchitectureDJ-in-Residence)
Visit http://www.gendaigallery.org/ for a further glimpse into the fun night…