Call for submission for MONITOR 10: New South Asian Short Film + Video

Submissions are accepted from 15 June – 15 September 2013.

Monitor 10 is dedicated to the presentation of experimental short films and videos by/and/or about South Asians from Canada and around the world. We invite independent and innovative short films and videos that explore the aesthetic and form of the moving image and its relation to narrative. 

Monitor 10 encourages new, experimental and risk-taking work that challenges the viewer’s active engagement.

Selected works will be screened in April 2014 in Toronto, Canada. Monitor 10 will be programmed by independent curator and artist Shai Heredia.

Works must be under 20 minutes and produced in or after 2011.
Submissions from first time directors are welcome.
Artist fees will be paid.

Submissions MUST include all of the following

  • Name of artist or director
  • Full contact information (address, phone, email, website)
  • Title of work
Date of production (No earlier than 2011)
  • Brief synopsis of the work (300 words max)
  • Brief biography of the artist (200 words max)
  • Artist CV
  • 3 High-resolution production stills

Submissions can be sent via email with a URL link to the artist/director’s YouTube/Vimeo account (please provide passwords if necessary and make the link downloadable).
The subject heading must state MONITOR10_ARTISTLASTNAME to
Submissions can be sent on DVD (NTSC) enclosed with the following:

Send all materials to
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 450
Toronto, ON Canada
M5V 3A8

Inquiries can be sent to with the subject title: MONITOR 10
All deliveries from international participants must be marked:
Please do not claim any monetary value over $50 on your package for insurance or otherwise or you will be charged customs, duties and taxes.
All submissions must be sent prepaid. SAVAC will not accept collect or C.O.D. shipments and will not accept shipments incurring expenses for duties, taxes or customs brokerage.
Please note that ONLY selected artists will be contacted by 21 December 2013.

Submissions will only be returned if the package includes a self-addressed stamped envelope (in Canadian postage) or send a cheque payable to SAVAC for the return postage amount.

For more information, please contact

Sharlene Bamboat, Artistic Director
SAVAC [South Asian Visual Arts Centre]