Red Sky Performance is holding its first OPEN CALL for DANCERS


Red Sky Performance is holding its first OPEN CALL for DANCERS. We seek highly skilled and experienced contemporary dancers for two upcoming productions and touring initiatives.

The Citadel located at 304 Parliament St., Toronto

Thursday July 4th, 2013 from 10am till 12pm

Please send your CV (must include links to showreel/performance footage) to

July 2nd, 2013 at 6pm

A cornerstone of our approach is strong technical training and will include:
Contemporary/Ballet Technique & Indigenous:
Emphasis is on strong technique as a base. Physically demanding, yet inspirational.
Led class by Carlos Rivera and Thomas Fonua, (30 minutes)

Emphasis on the development of strength, power, flexibility, and endurance.
Led Cardio Conditioning by Thomas Fonua – (20 minutes)

Red Sky Repertoire: (30 minutes)
Dancers will expand their performance potential while learning to execute complex phrases of movement.

Individual Solo Creations:
One minute solo by each dancer that shows dancers individuality and expression (1 minute).
* All qualified dancers of any ethnicity or background are welcome to audition