Call for Submissions – aluCine 2014

New submissions are being considered for the 2014 edition of the festival. Please contact if you require any further information.


Our annual festival functions as a vital Canadian outlet for emerging and established Latin filmmakers living in Canada, Latin America and the diaspora-while our year round screenings, symposiums and workshops promote the development of Latin film and culture in Toronto. As one of the few Latin American Media Arts festivals in Canada; promoting independent productions, aluCine represents a rare opportunity for Latino Canadian artists to network and present their works in a competitive international setting.

aluCine’s 14th Latin Film + Media Arts Festival will take place April 2-12, 2014 in Toronto


We welcome new film and video submissions by and/or about Latin Americans from around the world – including North America. Next year’s focus set:  Female and Indigenous (Latin American) directors. aluCine 2014 aims to provide an exclusive showcase for women and Latin-American indigenous directors of independent cinema.


We encourage submissions that are independently produced by North/South American diasporic artists in a key creative role (behind the camera and on screen). We welcome films and videos of all genres, including but not limited to: narrative,fiction documentary, short, animation,video art,experimental,web of all lengths and subject matter below 30 minutes. All works selected for aluCine are eligible for the Festival Awards. All films produced outside of Canada are considered international submissions.Incomplete applications will not be considered.



3) SUPPORT MATERIALS (in addition to printed and signed application form)

– A DVD preview copy (NTSC, Region 0 or 1) must be received post-marked by the deadline to be considered for the 2014 festival. Secure online screener links are also acceptable. (If submitting an online screener, please be prepared to send a DVD preview copy upon request.)

Do not send masters or irreplaceable material. Submitted DVDs must be able to play on standalone DVD players. Please label in ink each item clearly with title, director’s name, running time, year, and contact information. Previews will not be returned. Do not send unnecessary printed material.

4) SENDING INSTRUCTIONS (Don’t you can write more than the alloted space)

Send all submissions to: aluCine Latin Film + Media Arts Festival, 898b St Clair Ave West, second floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6C 1C5

aluCine ENTRY FORM 2014 components. Please include this information with you submission:

Company Name:*
Print Source:
First Name:*
Last Name:*
Job Title Position:
Address Line 1:*
Address Line 2:
ZIP/Postal Code:*
Original Film Title:*
English Film Title:
Country (ies) of Production:
Running Time:
Synopsis :


aluCine Latin Film + Media Arts Festival (known also as the Southern Currents Film & Video Collective, aluCine’s legal entity). All of aluCine screening programs are curated and all submissions will be fully considered by aluCine’s programmers. Applicants will be notified if their work has been selected through the email address that they provide with their submission. The decision of the programmers is final. If a film is selected for screening at the festival, the entrant grants aluCine the right to utilize publicity materials related to the production (i.e. press kits, posters, stills, etc.) for promotional purposes, to broadcast or screen clips of a maximum of five minutes and to make dubs of their film for publicity purposes only.

For international packages: The customs declaration should clearly state the preview video has no commercial value, is for temporary consideration and for cultural use only. aluCine (Southern Currents) will not cover the resulting customs and duties charges, and will refuse the package.

5) EXHIBITION FORMAT and PRINT TRAFFIC DETAILS:Selected applicants must provide a 35mm, DCP, or HD Cam print. In some cases (esp short films),filmmakers may be required to provide a high quality MOV file for exhibition. We do not accept DVD as an exhibition format. aluCine is not responsible for transfer costs for the appropriate exhibition format.

The participant agrees to pay print shipping costs to the festival. The festival will pay the return shipping cost (one way). Shipping information (such as where/when the tape/print is coming and going to) must be settled upon confirmation of participation. The exhibition tape/print must arrive at the festival one month prior to the festival: March 1st, 2014.

aluCine is committed to paying artist fees to directors in selection and follows standard rates set by the Independent Media Arts Alliance. Artist fees will be paid post-festival.

For any questions regarding submissions, please contact