EAST Music Collective Seeking New Members


EAST Music Collective – is a collaborative project for musicians of all sorts: song writers, spoken word artists, beat boxers, singers, rappers and instrumentalists between the ages of 16 to 24. Successful applicants will form a committed and collaborative collective, who, under the guidance of the EAST Program Coordinator and industry professionals, will create the musical foundation for the EAST project.

By collaborating with other artists and musical guests, the collective will develop a new fusion of styles and generate new music.

In addition employment training, the EAST Music Collective will receive focused skill development towards song writing, creative collaboration, and experience in recording at Phase One Studios, music videos, features and showcases. EAST Music Collective 2013-2014 is an eight month project which requires the full commitment of its participating members. In June, EAST and list of other performers take the stage downtown for a live performance.

For more information about this amazing opportunity, visit our website or www.facebook.com/EastCollective and APPLY today!