Independent Theatre Creator’s International Training Scholarship

Why Not Theatre and Theatre Ontario have partnered in creating this unique and exciting Scholarship that provides the opportunity for up to two emerging theatre artists to train in theatre creation on an international level.

The Scholarship allows for up to two emerging artists to train with Anne Bogart and the SITI Company for one month (May 25 to June 21, 2014) in Saratoga Springs, New York.  They will train in Suzuki, Viewpoints, as well as directing and devising new work.

SITI was founded in 1992 by Anne Bogart and Tadashi Suzuki to redefine and revitalize contemporary theatre in the United States through an emphasis on international cultural exchange and collaboration. For the past 22 years, their impact can be seen on theatre creators around the world.

This program is designed to address the need for theatre artists to access more contemporary artistic training opportunities and to encourage artists to set the stage for the future of theatre and performance creation in Ontario, by having the opportunity to experience high calibre international training.

The scholarship includes course training and application fees, accommodation for the training period, and a travel allowance.  It is sponsored by Nekison Engineering and Contractors Ltd. and funds have been matched by artsVest Toronto.  artsVest Toronto is run by Business for the Arts with the support of the Canadian Heritage and the Toronto Arts Council.

Independent Theatre Creator’s International Training Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Demonstrated professional experience in the Ontario theatre community
  • Recent graduate of a post-secondary theatre training program (no more than three years out of a professionalized training program)
  • Under the age of 35


  • Should demonstrate a commitment to a career in theatre and the development of the Ontario theatre community

Application Procedure – Please include the following:

  • Your professional theatre resume
  • Cover letter/proposal from applicant (2 pages max.) addressing the following:

Describe where you feel you are in your career and what you are searching for.
How will training with the SITI Company affect your work? Advance your career goals?
Why do you want to do the SITI Company intensive?
How do you plan on bringing the training back into your work in Ontario?
How do you plan on sharing the training with the Ontario Theatre Community?

  • 1 letter of reference – from a post-secondary instructor or professional in the theatre industry who is familiar with your work.

Applications will be reviewed and successful Scholarship applicants will be selected by a joint committee of Why Not Theatre and Theatre Ontario. All decisions made by the committee are final. The successful Scholarship applicants will be notified by email no later than Monday February 24th, at which time they will complete SITI Company’s online application by March 1st, 2014.  Please note, this is a two-step process and training scholarship will be paid in full only upon successful acceptance to the training program through SITI’s online application.

Application Deadline Feb 17, 2014 – late applications will not be accepted, all applications are considered confidential.

Please submit your Scholarship application by email as a single PDF to Mairin Smit

Please mark the subject line: Independent Theatre Creator’s International Training Scholarship

Note: Should a suitable application(s) not be selected this year, Why Not Theatre and Theatre Ontario reserve the right to hold the funds for future application rounds.

About Theatre Ontario:

Theatre Ontario is committed to developing and supporting a strong, vibrant, diverse and sustainable theatre community throughout the province. We are a dynamic not for profit arts service organization that ‘bridges the gap’, helping theatre artists and organizations make creative and career transitions and share best practices, collaborate and celebrate!

We are the ‘go to organization’ supporting the professional, community and education theatre sectors across the province, by providing resources, networking, training and advocacy

About Why Not Theatre:

Founded in 2007, Why Not Theatre is a Toronto-based theatre company with an international scope. Under the Artistic Direction of Ravi Jain, Why Not has established a reputation as a company synonymous with inventive, experimental cross-cultural collaborations resulting in shows featuring new Canadian writing, company-devised shows alongside revitalized interpretations of classics. We develop and produce new work that has gained critical acclaim and has toured across Canada and around the world. Over the last 6 years we have developed over 15 productions, touring to 17 different cities on 4 continents. Essential to our creative process are the collisions that arise from our different cultures, languages and experiences provoking us to seek new styles, stories and forms. In recent years, the company has also become known for its presentation of international productions and workshops from diverse cultures and artistic practices, along with support for the development of local emerging artists and companies.

Read more about Why Not Theatre 

It is through the dialogue between Suzuki and Viewpoints, two very distinct yet complementary approaches to the art of acting, that the philosophy and technique of SITI Company is continually explored, revitalized, and articulated.

The Viewpoints and the Suzuki Method are two distinct methods of actor training used in building and staging SITI productions. Company members have been trained by Anne Bogart and Tadashi Suzuki and are uniquely qualified to introduce other theater artists to these challenging and innovative methods.

Read more about The SITI Company’s Training Philosophy 

Developed by internationally acclaimed director Tadashi Suzuki and the Suzuki Company of Toga, the Suzuki Method’s principal concern is with restoring the wholeness of the human body to the theatrical context and uncovering the actor’s innate expressive abilities. A rigorous physical discipline drawn from such diverse influences as ballet, traditional Japanese and Greek theater, and martial arts, the training seeks to heighten the actor’s emotional and physical power and commitment to each moment on the stage. Attention is on the lower body and a vocabulary of footwork, sharpening the actor’s breath control and concentration.

A technique of improvisation that grew out of the postmodern dance world. It was first articulated by choreographer Mary Overlie, who broke down the two dominant issues performers deal with—time and space—into six categories. She called her approach the Six Viewpoints. SITI’s Anne Bogart and our company members have expanded Overlie’s notions and adapted them for actors. The Viewpoints allows a group of actors to function together spontaneously and intuitively, and to generate bold, theatrical work quickly. It develops flexibility, articulation, and strength in movement and makes ensemble playing really possible.