Breach Magazine – Call For Submissions

Breach is an upcoming independent, online journal of arts writing. A platform for the examination of contemporary art practice as it pertains to current social issues, Breach seeks to interrogate the intersections between the political and the cultural in a critical and self-reflexive manner.

Breach is currently accepting submissions for its launch, on the theme of decolonial aesthetics. We are not only interested in writing that employs a decolonial framework, but also that which is critical of decolonial views as they are commonly held in both activist circles and contemporary art practice.
Writers are free to consider the following suggestions, though this list is by no means exhaustive:

-The political implications and social ramifications of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, possibly in relation to pubic art commissioned by the TRC, or in relation to works/practices that are critical of the TRC.
-The ways in which works by First Nations artists are framed and discussed in contemporary art practice, either upholding the colonial discourse or disrupting it.
-Contemporary art practices in relation to social movements (grassroots, radical, or NGO) that address Indigenous sovereignty, land-based struggles, or environmental issues.
-The relevancy of the arts to issues of decolonization. What is the role of the artist, and do they have a responsibility to draw attention to or provide solutions to these issues?

Based in Canada, Breach is interested primarily in content pertaining to current social issues and political debates within the Canadian context. However, we do not intend to limit our content based on the colonial construction of the borders, and therefore are also interested in writing that pertains to issues that extend beyond the national level.

Breach welcomes submissions from both established and emerging writers, artists, curators, activists, academics, and students. We prioritize art criticism, essays, and reviews, but are also interested other forms that do not easily fit into conventional genres. Send your previously unpublished work, along with a word count and short biography (no more than 100 words). Or, send a query along with an estimated word count, a short biography, and two writing samples. We endeavor to respond to all submissions within two weeks of the deadline.

Direct your submissions, queries, and questions to INFO@BREACHMAGAZINE.CA by March 30 2015.
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