Angikam Seminar in Kathak and Choreography

creating innovation ,  two women dancing

When: September 25-27, 2015

Where: The Citadel, 304 Parliament St., Toronto, ON

Come explore the geographies of this age-old storytelling form in a three-day creative seminar geared  to kathak dancers/choreographers who seek innovative ways of working, a safe place to experiment, guided workshops under experienced mentors and performance opportunities. As Kathak is katha, so are its many stories – the story of time, of movement, of emotion, and of thought. Join us and discover the depths of this ancient dance form as it is being transformed through new bodies into our contemporary world.   See our website for more details:

Call to Artists

Participants of the three-day Seminar are invited to submit a short piece (5 to 15 minutes in length) to showcase during one of three evening performances. The piece can be a finished work, an excerpt from a larger piece or a work in progress, and should demonstrate an innovative or experimental approach to choreography in Kathak. Performance of traditional repertoire will not qualify. This curated event will be moderated by a senior Canadian dance professional who will lead a discussion between choreographers and audience. A performance fee will be provided for choreographers presenting their work. Please see our website for more details: