CPAMO Workshops: Building Collaborative Practices

The focus of these workshops will be to engage Indigenous, ethno-racial/culturally diverse, and other marginalized arts organizations and artists in learning how to develop collaborative practices to support their artistic growth and development. To do this, the workshops will focus on collaborative work involving:
– Artist-to-Artist: Aluna Theatre PanAmerican Routes; and COBA/KasheDance;
– Working with Presenters: Flato Markham Theatre; Oakville Centre for the Arts;
– Learning Circle: CPAMO Executive Director.

CPAMO will begin this project with peer-to-peer learning to demonstrate work already underway by Indigenous and ethno-racial arts organizations. It is essential to start with these to illustrate what is already underway within these communities as models of evidence-based success stories with resource expertise that have much to share.
CPAMO has invited two presenters to participate to illustrate the differences presenters take in approaching their projects and in connecting with their very different communities.

Enrolment is limited to 20 per session and you may enroll in either one, several or all sessions. However, for maximum benefit, it would be important to participate in all workshops. Dates for the workshops will be announced shortly.

For more information please view the 2015 CPAMO Workshops Brochure and the Registration Form.