Centering Artists in the Arts Ecology: An explorative and interactive session on July 29

On the left many circles in different colours and sizes creating a circle in the middle. Text on the right Centering Artists in the Arts Ecology: An explorative and interactive session, July 29, 2021, 1-3pm via Zoom

Artists are the key component of the Arts sector, however they have an external relationship with key decision making processes impacting their careers. They depend on funding, presenters, galleries, other organizations etc. who, at times, focus more on artistic output (performance, showing) than input (support, artistic process, studio access).

Bringing artists and arts workers together in a digital and generative way, the  session will join us in both a discussion, and an exploratory process animated by digital tools such as Jamboard. We aspire to have a collective visioning that aspires to elicit change to the arts sector together.

Facilitated by Ella Cooper. 

  • How different would the arts sector work if artists were realigned to the centre of the Arts Ecology? In what ways do artists inject life into the sector?
  • How does an artist centred vision co-create a different perspective to funding that differs from the current model?
  • In what ways can we ensure that an artist centered vision is not limited by the current cultural narrative but grounded in the values for funding we are aspiring to?
  • How do we arrive at a new place of creative emergence shifting the artists from the periphery to the centre.
  • What could be involved in this shift?

Join us on July 29, 2021 via Zoom
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Accessibility: this session will be via Zoom and will have live transcribe available.

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