Care Webs: Broadening our Capacities Workshop on Nov. 30

The Gathering Divergence
Multi-Arts Festival & Conference Fall 2022

Visioning Canada’s IBPOC Artistic Transformation:
Then and Now

Nov. 29, Nov. 30 and Dec. 2, 2022
In-person at Aki Studio (Toronto) and via Zoom 

The multi-Arts Festival and Conference; a positively impactful  and supportive convening in the Arts sector. The festival’s specific focus is on Indigenous, racialized, deaf, disabled and mad, women and other historically – marginalized artists’ communities.  Geared towards meaningful conversations, professional development and sharing strategies in the Arts, this year’s theme for Gathering Divergence Multi-Arts Festival & Conference Fall 2022 | Visioning Canada’s IBPOC Artistic Transformation: Then and Now.

Care Webs: Broadening our Capacities Workshop 
Wed. Nov. 30, 2022 | 3:45 – 4:45pm

The “Care Webs: Broadening our Capacities” workshop proposes that IBPOC artists and arts workers to come together to consolidate our stories (past and present) and ideas (future) about care in the arts sector. Using labour already done by IBPOC writers on care, we will begin with understanding care, the history of care webs as a survival strategy, and our own capacities to care and receive care. Then, we will gather in small groups for intimate conversations to strategize how to develop, sustain, and/or strengthen care webs around us as artists and arts workers, and what resources we need. Finally, we will regroup and summarize each group discussion. The workshop aims to consolidate the conversations, stories, dreams, and visions we have as IBPOC artists’ and arts workers’ in the white-dominated arts sector. This written document will be shared with everyone in the workshop afterwards to become crucial evidence in our future projects or grant applications in which we seek to improve care in the arts sector for artists and workers. In other words, the labour we each put into this workshop will become a resource/toolkit for all of our future use.

About the artist: 

an image of a women with glasses Khadija Aziz (she/her) is a textile and digital artist investigating the making and transformation of patterns through the play of analogue and digital processes. She marries slow textile-making techniques and tools with spontaneous digital manipulation methods to create digital images, GIFs, installations, and Augmented Reality experiences. Khadija has taught several textile courses at the Textile Museum of Canada, Arts Etobicoke, Workman Arts, and Neilson Park Creative Centre. She is an MFA candidate at Concordia University’s Fibre & Material Practices program. Her textile and digital art have been exhibited in Canada, Australia, and Austria. In recognition of her creative practice, she received the Shanks Memorial Award in Textiles from Craft Ontario and the Creative Promise Award from Surface Design Association in 2020. As an emerging writer, she has recently written for the Canadian Art Gallery Educator’s online blog, Shameless Magazine, and Concordia University’s Media Studies MA Virtual Conference.

 The schedule is available here!


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Location: Aki Studio
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Upcoming Panels May 10-13 & Conference Schedule!

Registration is open! May 10-13, 2022. Gathering Divergence Multi-Arts Festival & Conference Spring 2022. Behind the text images of a workshop and a person speaking with images projected on the screen behind him.

The Gathering Divergence Multi-Arts Festival & Conference
Moulding The Future:
Rethinking Strategies for the Arts Sector Now

May 10 – May 13, 2022
Via Zoom and Small World Music Centre (Toronto) 

This year, Gathering Divergence Multi-Arts Festival & Conference Spring 2022 | Moulding The Future: Rethinking Strategies for the Arts Sector Now will address emergent ways of rethinking the sector as we emerge out of the pandemic, focusing on the responsibility of the sector to strategize, implement supportive systems that benefit IBPOC artists / organizations and the Arts Sector at large.

The festival / conference focused on varying topics within the Arts sector grounded in the transformative change through a cross-sectoral understanding of Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity. Through panels, workshops, exhibitions and showcases encouraging divergence across arts practices, collaboration and professional development shaped within the sensibilities of art making and networking of IBPOC artists and organizations.

Our programming will feature the following panels:

Organizational Development and Pivoting
(Tuesday. May 10)
There is no doubt that the racial reckoning is re-centring our focus on the need for understanding the need for social justice. Covid 19 has impacted the Arts sector and in turn the organizations within the creative economy. In acknowledging, strategizing and implementing equitable change systems, Arts organizations are being prompted to focus on resources geared towards organizational development, sustainability with a particular focus on how the pandemic  forced organizations to “pivot” into the next generation of the arts across Canada and the world.
Digital Design Thinking / Focus Monetizing Creative Content Online
(Thursday, May 12)
Traditional models of Theatre going and performance are being forced to evolve with the contemporary reality of digital technology which is now at the forefront of everything we do. How are the Arts responding and adjusting to this new reality?  Part resources, part strategy, digital design thinking and integration into the performing arts is required. Highlighting once again the inequitable distribution of resources across the disciplines, practice and socio-cultural realities.
The Importance of Amplifying / Making Space for Indigenious / Racialized Artistic Directors within the Arts Sector
(Friday, May 13)
The city of Toronto’s Artistic community has seen a shift in creative leadership resulting in some key organizations being led by IBPOC directors. Leading with a sensibility of not replicating oppressive systems of creative endeavours that will impact IBPOC artists, we invite some of the Artistic Directors to convene in a conversation on artistic leadership from an IBPOC perspective highlighting both continued challenges, areas of creative potential and programming for a diverse city.

Plus workshops and performances by Jody Chan, Liliona Quarmyne, Robert Ball, Anqi Li, Randell Adjeli, Nickeisha Garrick, Little Pear Garden, Rhoma Spencer, Pam Mordecai, Pam Mordecai and Modern Times Stage Company artist: Rafeh Mahmud.

The full schedule is available here.

Registration:  Tickets: $15 a day or PWYC
Day 1: Tuesday, May 10 via Zoom | 9:30 am – 2:00 pm
Day 2: Thursday, May 12 via Zoom | 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Day 3: Friday, May 13 in-person and live stream via Zoom | 11:00am-5:30 pm
Location: Small World Music Centre
Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw St, Toronto, ON M6J 2W5
Pleas note we have a limited number of Pay What You Can (PWYC) tickets to enable price accessibility for low income individuals to attend.

Covid protocols: People attending the event in Small World Music Centre need proof of vaccination or negative test within 24 hrs before the event. Masks are recommended in Artscape common areas. No food or drink in common areas and hallway.

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