Advocacy Update 

Achieving Equity – a collaborative voice for change from small, IBPOC and marginalized arts organizations in response to COVID-19 emergency relief efforts and the arts. Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO) has been advocating for IBPOC and marginalized artists and arts organizations since our foundation in 2009. We continue our advocacy efforts during the COVID-19 crisis together with other arts service organizations to ensure that the needs of IBPOC and marginalized artists and arts organizations are heard and addressed. The following are current initiatives undertook by CPAMO and other arts service organizations:

Read our report: Achieving Equity Or Waiting For Godot: The Crawling Pace of Equity In the Arts And A Call To Action (for the GIA Racial Equity document mentioned in our report click here).

Sign MANO’s open letter – Media Arts Network of Ontario (MANO) has an open letter to the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council, for more information visit MANO’s website and sign the open letter here to show your support.

CARFAC Ontario released an open letter from grassroots organizations read this letter here, and a letter to for funding recommendation here.